Square Enix Wants Players To Final Fantasy Brave Exvius And Chill In New Update

A unique partnership with Chillhop Music adds over two dozen lo-fi music tracks to both games.


Square Enix has given Final Fantasy Brave Exvius players some new lo-fi hip hop music to adventure/play to, announcing a new partnership with English lo-fi musical group Chillhop Music.

The partnership begins with the Final Fantasy Exvius Universe x Chillhop Music compilation album, a 25-track record created by Chillhop Music in collaboration with Square Enix, that can be streamed on all major streaming platforms.

To celebrate the release of the album, both of the games in the mobile Final Fantasy Exvius Universe--Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and War of the Visions Final Fantasy Brave Exvius--will be running limited-time events themed around lo-fi music.

The new content coming to War of the Visions, as described in the official press release, is as follows:

  • Collaboration Event – Players can challenge this limited-time event, which features a lo-fi remixed WOTV FFBE song from the compilation album, once per day to earn rewards.
  • Home Screen Background Music – Fans can chill out with new home screen background music, which will be the lo-fi version of the song Under the Flag Remixed by SwuM for a limited time.
  • Social Campaign – Players have the chance to earn 2,500 Visiore by liking/following the official WOTV FFBE Facebook and Twitter pages and by sharing/retweeting campaign posts on those pages. Full details and rules for entry are available on the official social channels.

Content specifically for the original Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, also found in the official release, is below:

  • Lo-fi Login Bonus – Players will receive a special item called the “Lo-fi Note” by logging in daily and can exchange it within the game’s Exchange Shop to receive the “Lo-fi Headphones” equipment, which boost water, ice, wind and dark resistance by 20%, nullify sleep, silence and confusion and have the Auto-Shell ability, which automatically boosts SPR and reduces magic damage taken. Players can also exchange “Lo-fi Notes” for summon tickets, Lapis and more.
  • Home Screen Background Music – Fans will be treated to new home screen background music during the collaboration period featuring a Chillhop Music collaboration song called Moment of Recall, Remixed by SwuM.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is a freemium turn-based RPG on both iOS and Android that first launched worldwide in June 2016. Its companion game, War of the Visions, is a tactical turn-based RPG that launched just under two years later in March 2020. The two games are connected via the story, with War of the Visions occuring far in the first game's past.

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