Square Enix users complain about the contents of its mystery Christmas box

Many users unhappy with Steam keys for Tomb Raider, Just Cause 2, Hitman: Blood Money, and Dungeon Siege III in £4.99/€6.99 mystery box.

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Hundreds of customers have got into the spirit of the holidays by complaining about a festive Square Enix promotion that saw the company hand out Steam keys for Tomb Raider, Just Cause 2, Hitman: Blood Money, and Dungeon Siege III for £4.99/€6.99.

The Square Enix Christmas Surprise box was offered to European customers between December 12 and 20, with the mystery box promising an unspecified selection of items that had a combined retail value of £50/€75. When the games were announced at the end of last week, however, some customers (quotes provided as written) proved that people really can complain about anything on the Internet and took to the Square Enix blog to vent their frustration.

"Wow a whole lotta nothin what a waste of a fiver I only play RPGs had been hopin for atleast one ff or something atleast worth playing and that voucher is just a rip off hell no will I be wasting any more money in your store," said user kimmonie.

"I was hopping for Sleeping Dogs with all DLC and FF8, but expected that kind of rip off, so no dissapointment, rather confirmation what I suspected. All this games in pack I can easily buy for less than 20€," added eikichiy shortly afterwards.

Many users emphasised that a lack of any Final Fantasy titles in the bundle was a key reason for their disappointment. "Total let down... Was expecting atleast 1 Final Fantasy game! Shame on You square!" said Martyric. User Xemnaroth added that they felt "cheated" by the lack of a Final Fantasy title. Many users felt that Square Enix would have included its recent PC re-release of Final Fantasy VIII in the mystery box.

Some other users voiced their dissatisfaction that they could pick up the games from the £4.99 bundle individually in various price promotions for approximately £10 at the time.

User medion_no summed up the situation felt by many of the Square Enix blog's commenters. "If you settle for nothing good with you!. Pathethic is defending a multimillion dollard company that puts in its 'christmas suprise' a game that is gonna receive a 'Definitive Edition' just around the corner, a game from the PlayStation 2 generation, two low key and bargain bin games. Ah, and sold it like it was the panacea. But ok man, im dome with this is not like were gonna get a refund or something. I just wanted to make my point in here."

In announcing the contents of the Christmas Surprise box, Square Enix community head Phil Elliott said "we hope you liked what you received--we had a lot of fun putting the Surprise Box together."

"Let us know what you think, and we’ll take all the feedback on board for next year!"

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