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Square Enix unveils E3 lineup

Publishing powerhouse will show a multi-platform lineup of games, a CG movie, and a number of mobile applications.


Square Enix is promising an E3 lineup of product that will reveal "some new and interesting directions" according to company pres and C.E.O. Jun Iwasaki.

Featured games include Final Fantasy XII for the PS2, the latest entry in the long-standing RPG series, and Kingdom Hearts II, also for the PS2, which continues the story of Sora and friends as they battle the Heartless alongside new characters in a mix of familiar and all-new environments. The Chains of Promathia expansion pack for Final Fantasy XI online will also be making an appearance.

Other games being shown at E3 include a trio of titles making their PlayStation 2 debuts. Star Ocean: Till the End of Time brings the acclaimed science-fiction RPG stateside, incorporating the extra features found in the director's cut edition of the game released alongside the original in Japan. Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel will tell the story of two alchemist brothers questing to find the Philosopher's Stone in a high fantasy setting. For attendees interested in something besides RPGs, Square Enix will also be showing off Front Mission 4, the next chapter in the best-selling mech-based strategy series.

Non-PlayStation 2 entries include Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories for the Game Boy Advance, which will bridge the gap between the original game and the upcoming sequel. Square Enix will also provide a look at its growing library of mobile entertainment content, an area of gaming the company is making a new priority.

Alongside the various games, Square Enix will be showing clips from the upcoming CG DVD Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. The approximately 60-minute feature will revisit the area and residents of Midgar two years after the epic conclusion of the game's storyline.

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