Square Enix Trademarks Final Fantasy Explorers for U.S. and Europe

The multiplayer action RPG is likely coming overseas.

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Recently, developer Square Enix announced Final Fantasy Explorers for the 3DS for Japan. Now, it appears that the game is coming overseas.

In a filing first reported by Nintendo Everything, Square Enix trademarked Final Fantasy Explorers in Europe and the United States. The game was previously only known to be in development for Japanese audiences.

Originally announced in Jump Magazine and translated by Siliconera, Explorers is a multiplayer action RPG that focuses a search for crystals and battles with monsters. Players can choose one of several different characters to use. Right now, we know of the Black Mage, White Mage, Knight, and Monk.

The Black Mage is a long-range character using magical attacks. The White Mage specializes in recovery spells. The Knight acts as a shield, attracting enemy attacks. The Monk uses physical strikes.

Players will be able to choose from a number of different weapons, and Summons, including Ifrit, will also be in Explorers.

No release date is known for the game in any region.

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