Square Enix talks 1080p for Murdered on Xbox One/PS4 and why there's no Wii U version

"We're trying to keep a consistency across all the platforms," Airtight Games says about native resolution; game is skipping Wii U because it "just doesn't fit" with developer's ambition for the game.

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During a recent interview with GameSpot, representatives for Square Enix and Airtight Games explained why Murdered: Soul Suspect is 1080p on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and discussed the reasoning behind not releasing the upcoming action game for Nintendo's Wii U.

Explaining the decision to make both the Xbox One and PS4 versions output in 1080p, Airtight Games chief creative officer Matt Brunner said, "We're trying to keep a consistency across all the platforms." Square Enix producer Naoto Sugiyama confirmed that both versions output in native 1080p and are not upscaled to the higher resolution. Presumably, however, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game will output in something less than 1080p.

We also quizzed Brunner about why Murdered: Soul Suspect is not coming to Wii U. According to Brunner, the best Wii U games are the ones designed from the ground up for the system.

"In all honesty, all the Wii U games I've ever played, the only good ones are the ones that are made specifically for [the Wii U]. And this just doesn't fit," Brunner said.

The Wii U also has a small install base, relative to consoles and PC. The Xbox 360 and PS3 have combined for more than 160 million sales to date, while the Xbox One and PS4 together total more than 8.3 million systems sold worldwide so far. As for the Wii U, that system has sold only 5.86 million units as of December 31.

Murdered: Soul Suspect launches this June for consoles and PC. The game is set in Salem, Massachusetts, the location of the Salem witch trials in 1692, which saw public executions of those convicted of witchcraft. The story begins with protagonist Ronan O'Connor's death at the hands of an unknown assailant. He must then interrogate the ghosts of Salem to learn more about his killer.

For more on the game, be sure to read GameSpot's just-published hands-on preview.

Eddie Makuch is a news editor at GameSpot, and you can follow him on Twitter @EddieMakuch

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Avatar image for xrizz1066

TBH, trying to explain why I feel so bad for early adopters or anyone that buys the Xbox one at the moment. Is like trying to explain to a friend that their boyfriend is not a nice person and they should drop him.

You seem to get the “you don’t know him like I do” “you don’t see what he’s like when we’re alone” “he loves me really” Yet in reality he’s not, I sure a lot have been in this situation.

The reason I feel this is 1st off we all thought that the Xbox one was going to be big and cool. Even me and I am not a M£ fan. But then after the reveal we found out what was on offer, and I laughed and laughed. Finally got too say to many mates, told you so. Never wanted M$ in the gaming business as they treat their customers like. “Just drop your trousers, bend over this. Oh and you might want to bite down on something” Yes they had some amazing things, they improved on line gaming. The controller was streets ahead of the PS3’s and do you know what 360 owners loved rubbing that in PS3 owner’s faces. I took, I dint like it but it was true, over all the 360 was ahead of the curve for 4/5 years. But I still enjoyed my PS3 and didn’t really think I’d missed out especially as we had Uncharted and then finally Last of Us.

I believe M$ only look to make profit, not necessarily a good or great project. They buy up competition and crush those they can’t. I suggest you go look at the history books if you don’t know what I mean.

Then I see all that frustration and hatred come out of M$ fans because they don’t like the taste of their own medicine. I have a feeling a lot of the hated towards PS4 owners. Is Misplaced rage at Microsoft, but because either in some sort of Stockholm Syndrome or a battered partner they lash out anyone but those doing the hurting.

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Wii U got lucky. This game looks absolutely awful IMO. I usually don't like to be negative but the character design just "murders" this one for me.

Avatar image for Shivatin

Funny how devs have to say whether their game is even in 1080p when this is the alleged "next gen." Consoles have a long way to go before they are considered "next gen."

Avatar image for skidmarkmike11

<< LINK REMOVED >> Current Gen*

Avatar image for streamline

@skidmarkmike11 That's right. Next gen is for complaining about how the new PS and MS consoles can't do 4k. =)

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<< LINK REMOVED >> I know right? I'm sure the 1% of people who own 4k TVs are super pissed...

Avatar image for catsimboy

Wii U, so strong, much powerhouse

Avatar image for lazarius12

"In all honesty, all the Wii U games I've ever played, the only good ones are the ones that are made specifically for [the Wii U]. And this just doesn't fit," Brunner said.

Well apparently he doesn't play very many games on Nintendo platforms then. That or he loves having a terrible opinion. There are a few duds, but for the most part 3rd party games on Nintendo platforms are just fine.

Avatar image for Vylsith

<< LINK REMOVED >> He isn't putting the game out because it won't recoup the expense of putting it on the platform itself. Granted he should just come out and admit it, but PR speak is PR speak. Third party games on the Wii U don't sell well. Be thankful that Ubisoft still supports it. If Watch Dogs doesn't sell well on the Wii U, that'll probably be the end of it.

Avatar image for skidmarkmike11

<< LINK REMOVED >> He didn't say "Nintendo platforms", he was talking specically about the Wii U. And I mostly agree that some of the third party games feel a bit odd on the Wii U.

Avatar image for lazarius12

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> I know he said Wii U, but I wanted to include all Nintendo platforms since it's been a common theme for the last 15+ years. There was nothing wrong with ME3 on the Wii U. Or Batman or AC 3 or 4, or Rayman Legends (which some would argue is the definitive version).

Avatar image for petermavreas

xbox1 + ps4 = 8.3 mil

Wii U = 5.83 mil

Such a small install base the Wii U has...lol

Avatar image for Joedgabe

<< LINK REMOVED >> well... Mario 3D world sales say it does. If mario flopped on sales on the Wii U what chance do the other games have? It seems the Wii U install base isn't interested in playing full budget games.

Avatar image for hairdie

i wish they would stop playing games with words why not just admit that last gen most stuff didnt even run at native 720p instead of saying something less than 1080p . infact if it isnt at least 720p then its misleading to say something less than 1080p they should be saying something less that 720p

Avatar image for canuckbiker

Wtf. I read this article to find out about a new game being developed, and read the comments to find yet another fanboy war. You people need a fucking hobby. I know, how about playing some friggin video games.

Avatar image for mbloof

<< LINK REMOVED >> Sometimes I like to think that these kids don't own ANY of the systems involved and just like to come talk trash about what others may own.

The game sounds interesting, I might pick it up for my gaming PC.

Avatar image for Nocturnal-Gamer

I have a feeling that Wii U owners won't be missing much on this one.

Avatar image for LJNkickstarter

This game remind of shadow of Destiny by Konami.

Avatar image for Ghosthunter54

This game actually looked pretty good in the trailers. I'm hoping it's got some good puzzles though, like LA Noire, but more difficult - you have to actually decide what's a clue or not, not just have the protagonist tell you when he finds one. This game has some good potential, I think. It's certainly a bit different than most games out there.

Avatar image for G1ingy

Wait, so isn't this just an attempt at copying Ghost Trick, but without the charm and writing that made it so good?

Avatar image for mbounce88

poor WII U.. the name itself was a failure.. Ask anyone who is a casual game and they will say what what what???

Avatar image for dalua360

Every time I read "developer explains why no version for WIIU" I wonder ..... Instead of lying, they could simply tell the truth, which is: WIIU sucks for these types of games!

Nintendo needs its own exclusive developers and leave the adult gaming world apart from their projects ....

Avatar image for Drkoolbeanz

<< LINK REMOVED >>"In all honesty, all the Wii U games I've ever played, the only good ones are the ones that are made specifically for [the Wii U]. And this just doesn't fit," Brunner said.

Isn't that kind of like saying "We suck at making wii U games as a developer."?

Avatar image for rIVAL_sWORD84

I wish wiiu had more install base then this game would've come to wiiu, as long as porting is considered i agree its not impossible but the profit is lesser when compared to investment. Only if more units were sold till date.

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Titanfall X1: 60FPS

The order PS4: 30FPS
Infamous PS4: 30FPS

FPS affects gameplay. Resolution does NOT.

Avatar image for mbloof

<< LINK REMOVED >> Resolution effects FPS. Higher resolution and lower FPS. Funny nobody was crying over upscaled 480P- 520P to 720P 24-30FPS in the prior generation of games/consoles.

Avatar image for PcGamingRig

<< LINK REMOVED >> Titanfall uses a way older engine, not hard to get 60fps.

Avatar image for hairdie

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> agreed not only that both the other games he mentions are examples of just how much graphical detail can be thrown at the screen the physx are amazing too . its like comparing apples to oranges what he did

Avatar image for dalua360

@adambomb007 Hey smart boy, I am sorry to inform you, but the more pixels an image has, the better you can create immersion and distinguish objects or enemies from far distances !

Read the link below, so you can clarify your concept a little !



Avatar image for tansei

<< LINK REMOVED >> nice one, comparing multiplayer only with singleplayer only.

Avatar image for dalua360

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Fanboys will always say stupid things, because the simple fact of one being "Fanboy" already denote the lack of intelligence of the person!

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I'll wait for games made for my console , the games are going to get downgraded because they want them on the old consoles ..

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That game looks awesome !! Man I love next gen stuff