Square Enix Romances retail

Akitoshi Kawazu's Super NES game, Romancing SaGa, gets face-lift for PlayStation 2; fresh version has new events, character interaction.


Romancing SaGa

Japanese publisher Square Enix is well known for rummaging around its vaults for reissuing games of days past. Several chapters of the Final Fantasy series have made or are making their ways to various consoles, including Final Fantasy IV to the Game Boy Advance and Final Fantasy XI to the Xbox 360.

The latest Square game to go a second round on consoles is Romancing SaGa, which was originally releaseed on the Super Famicom and was never released in North America. The new PlayStation 2 version takes the game in to the 3D realm and adds some new content not in the original.

The role-playing game offers perspectives from eight different characters as they attempt to stop an evil named Saruin from destroying the world. The open-ended adventure is steered by gamers' choices, which are often presented by a mysterious minstrel who joins the party.

Romancing SaGa is rated E10+ for Everyone Ten and Older and retails for $39.99. For more information on the game, read GameSpot's full review.

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