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Square Enix Reveals New PS4/PC Game "The Quiet Man" At E3 2018, Can Be Completed In One Sitting



Square Enix has announced a brand-new game. Today during the company's E3 2018 briefing, a game called The Quiet Man. As the title implies, it will involve silence in some manner. The tagline for The Quiet Man is "silence rings loudest." A trailer for the game was shown, focusing on a character beating up two other dudes in the street. You can watch it above.

A full announcement for The Quiet Man has now come online, and Square Enix refers to the game as an "immersive story-driven cinematic action experience." According to Square Enix, it's expected that you can complete the game in one sitting. Intriguingly, and as the announcement trailer suggested, the games blends "live-action, realistic CG" with what the publisher calls "pulse-pounding action gameplay."

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Square Enix also confirmed that The Quiet Man is a digital-only game.

More details on The Quiet Man will be announced in August according to Square Enix. The game is coming to PC (via Steam) and PlayStation 4, though there is no word on a release for Xbox One or Nintendo Switch.

The Quiet Man is also the name of the 1952 John Wayne romantic comedy directed by John Ford, though it appears Square Enix's game has nothing at all to do with that film.

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