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Square Enix Reveals Aggressive Multiplatform Target Plans With Catchy New Name

Square Enix is rebooting and awakening.


Square Enix has revealed its three-year plan to achieve long-term growth within the company. It also gave the plan a catchy name, "Square Enix Reboots, and Awakens."

There are four pillars in this plan. The first one involves enhancing productivity by focusing more on quality rather than quantity. Additionally, there will be an emphasis on making games "fun" and making sure that Square Enix finds more ways to leverage its rich library of IP.

The second pillar sees Square Enix embracing multiplatform releases, including PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo, iOS, and Android. The focus here is on trying to get more customers to enjoy Square Enix properties. Square Enix is also looking into expanding its IP across all media formats, which could possibly mean things like movies.

The third pillar focuses more on foundational stability, including structural reforms in the company's European and American offices. There will also be closer collaboration between divisions in Japan. Square Enix will rebuild its systems for training new gradates, and junior and mid-level employees, as well as for hiring and promotions.

Lastly, Square Enix will designate a maximum of 100 billion yen, or approximately $640,000,000, for strategic investments over a three-year period. As for what kind of investments Square Enix will make, the company isn't ruling out inorganic investments designed to expand its business, which means that acquisitions could be considered.

Last month, Square Enix announced that it expected to lose 22.1 billion yen, or $140,000,000, in "content abandonment losses" for the fiscal year ending on March 31, 2024 due to seemingly canceling projects. Square Enix president Takashi Kiryu revealed earlier this year that the company would shift development processes to create fewer, and higher-quality games.

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