Square Enix releases sales figures, Final Fantasy XII release date

The next game in the Final Fantasy series is scheduled to hit store shelves in the next fiscal year.


According to Bloomberg Japan, Square Enix has revealed in a recent financial statement meeting that the company estimates that a profit of 10.5 billion yen ($89 million) will be made in the 2003 fiscal year, and that it's planning to ship 11 million copies of its games worldwide. However, Square Enix's profit estimates are 36 percent lower than the two companies' profits from last year combined.

Square Enix's online RPG Final Fantasy XI has been profitable since December in Japan, when the two companies were not yet merged. Square Enix plans to run beta testing during June and July in North America, and then begin commercial services in the winter.

Square Enix also revealed that Final Fantasy XII is scheduled for release in the second half of the fiscal year ending March 2004, and that Dragon Quest VIII will not be released this fiscal year.

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