Square Enix predicts two years of gains

Execs forecast profits of $255 million in fiscal year 2005, $288 million in 2006 on the strength of Final Fantasy XII and others.


TOKYO--The current fiscal year isn't over yet, but Square Enix is already forecasting banner profits for the next one. According to the JIJI news service in Japan, company officials yesterday said they expect that Square Enix will see operating profits of more than 30 billion yen ($288 million) for fiscal year 2006, which begins April 1, 2005, and ends March 31, 2006. Their optimism is due in part to the planned release of Final Fantasy XII and other popular titles in the next fiscal year.

Square Enix officials also estimated that operating profits for the current fiscal year would reach 26.5 billion yen ($255 million), up 36.3 percent from fiscal year 2004. They predicted that sales for the fiscal year will reach 73 billion yen ($701 million), up 15.5 percent from 2004. The company's current hit games include Final Fantasy XI and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.

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