Square Enix: Nintendo saying no to cross-platform MMOs

Final Fantasy XI producer says publisher is not looking at Nintendo's system for titles with cross-platform play.


Final Fantasy XI

AUSTIN, TX--Given Nintendo's spotty online gaming support for the Wii so far and the lack of a hard drive, owners of the system likely aren't especially optimistic about controlling massively multiplayer online role-playing games with the motion-sensing Wii Remote anytime soon. Final Fantasy XI producer Hiromichi Tanaka further ruled out the possibility during his keynote address at the Austin Game Developers Conference today.

Hiromichi Tanaka during his keynote address.
Hiromichi Tanaka during his keynote address.

During his talk on designing Final Fantasy XI to support cross-platform play among the PlayStation 2, PC, and Xbox 360, Tanaka brought up the other cross-platform MMO game he's currently working on, which was originally shown to the world as a next-generation tech demo during Microsoft's E3 2005 press conference. Tanaka said development on that game was proceeding smoothly, and while he didn't confirm which platforms it would appear on, he said, "it is safe to say it won't be much longer until I'm able to unveil more secrets about what the future holds for Square Enix."

Don't hold your breath for a Wii version, though. Answering a question from an audience member after his keynote address, Tanaka addressed the possibility of his next game winding up on Nintendo's system.

"As for Nintendo Wii, it will be pretty difficult if you were to cross-platform for a couple reasons," Tanaka said. "One is that Nintendo's currently not allowing different cross-platform titles, and as you know, the resolution differences make it harder for us to make cross-platform games. Currently we're not looking at Nintendo Wii as a platform."

He did note it was technically possible, however, as long as the system receives a hard drive attachment sometime in the future.

This is not the first time Tanaka has given clues to the platforms of his next game. In April of 2006, he told Japanese site Impress that his new MMO project was being developed for the PlayStation 3 and PC. However, since the PC edition is for Windows Vista, it is possible that the top-secret project could be the same "next-gen game" demonstrated at Microsoft's 2005 event.

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no love for the xbox360 ?

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The Wii has more of a harddrive than the GC had, which had an MMORPG. This dude should just come right out and say he doesn't want to make one for Wii.

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Too bad for Wii it still has some good games though

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What a lot of you don't seem to get (as far as MMORPGs go) is that a hard drive is *critical* if only to reduce lag in-game. It doesn't matter if it's pay-to-play (such as the EverQuest saga) or F2P such as ArchLord, which just moved that way, or GuildWars, which is pay once: downloadable content update support is a must! Platforms without local storage are seriously handicapped (one need only look at the lack of such support for the Wii compared to even the PS2). Nintendo is aiming the Wii at the non-MMO market, plain and simple.

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"Ummm.... the new FF Tactics? And the FF Anniversary games?" I didn't mean that they didn't mention the games (they didn't anyways). I meant that Gamespot say things like "Nintendo say NO", and have the report saying things like "Nintendo's spotty online gaming support for the Wii so far and the lack of a hard drive, owners of the system likely aren't especially optimistic...". Its just things like that which are irritating. We get it already - the Wii is not a 360 or a ps3, and the DS is not a PSP. But they fail to mention SquareEnix's support for the DS - but lack of support for the PSP. Where is the headline about FFIV NOT coming to the PSP? Don't you think its worth making an article saying "Sony's lack of touch-screen and dual screens lead their users to be less optimistic about a version of Final Fantasy IV coming onto the PSP". The lack of topics like that make me think that Gamespot are just trying to cause a stir by playing up to certain consoles, and then changing their opinions with each topic. All consoles are quite different - but there's no need to make the wii out to be absolutely inferior because it doesn't have a hard-drive.. If this was just about the wii, I wouldn't say anything. But if you go through some other news topics you see that other consoles get the stick aswell. Which is strange, because this article almost praises the 360 and ps3 for having a hard-drive. Core 360 owners will be in the same boat as the wii then if its all down to a lack of harddrive... again, where is the article saying "no MMO for harddrive-less 360 owners".. Who needs a harddrive when a console outsells the competition 5 to 1! I will just wait for the wii's own MMO game so loads of wii owners will be playing, on an equal playing-field, against eachother. I just think its annoying that the title seems to imply that Nintendo are saying "NO" to cross-platform MMO games... but if that is the case, in the article, it should really mention that Xbox 360 CORE system owners will have to buy a HD to play this game - when the ps3 has its own built-in harddrive... Its just crazy that Nintendo are made out to be the bad guys here, when there is plenty of stuff on the table coming out for the wii and ds that is not even making its way onto the SUPER CONSOLES. This article just makes the wii out to be completely inferior, lacking in support and content and with it not having a harddrive. But then - on the next topic it will be all PRO wii, and against the ps3 with liggling negatives thrown in. Its not the reporters fault coz they just get the stories - its really about who decides to put the stuff up. I can read through several news topics on gamespot - and it seems like they are all for the ps3 saying "ps3 exclusive" and "too powerful for wii" and all that stuff... then, next week they will say something about the ps3's framerate and do some comparison article which then makes the 360 out to be their favourite... Itsn ot just about the news anymore, I think they are trying to cause a stir amongst the news itself. And for me- its a bit annoying because it was never usually like this (before the comments were put in).

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He better make his new game for the 360.

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sucks for them cos the wii's where the money is at. dont worry though, if world of warcraft could be so successful on pc alone, im sure theres plenty money to be made on the ps3, 360 and pc for any MMO. lol anthony9000

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"but also SquareEnix are doing cool stuff on the DS - but not on the PSP.. but again thats a detail which went amiss in this report." - GrimBee Ummm.... the new FF Tactics? And the FF Anniversary games?

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@Alex_THKV Yeah, it doesn't happen very often but it does happen. It's usually XB360 fans going against PS3 fans.

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I have no idea what Gamespot are trying to do recently... I know the reporters do a good job in finding stories, but gamespot choose which stories to put on the pages.. It seems to me that Sony get a snide remark if their console has something going, if the 360 has something going - Gamespot always are saying some cheeky remark about something in the past. And with the wii - even amidst all the good news about it, gamespot still manage to muster up something negative about the 3 consoles. Its sort of irritating now, its as if Gamespot want to create some sort of reaction instead of producing some quality news. Of course, the wii may not get its own version - but also SquareEnix are doing cool stuff on the DS - but not on the PSP.. but again thats a detail which went amiss in this report.

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As always, Gamespot with their wicked articles trying to corner Nintendo again. It has been sayd that Nintendo will launch its Hard drive sooner, dont you know what are those USB port for?

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You know what I'm waiting for? A Pokemon MMO. That would amuse me no end! Deep down you all know you want it, whether you're 13 or 30 deep down you all want to squash a Pichu with your prize Snorlax. LMAO!

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nini200: Actually, I haven't heard of any Wii fan whining about the 360... Then again, I don't really visit GAMESPOT's forums, so...

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Not a big deal, we barely know what this "next-gen MMO" is anyway... However, I would really like Nintendo to be more open-minded to things like these in the future.

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world of warcraft is the bain of my gaming existence, so as far as mmo's go I can't stand them! DTH, out.

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WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU NINTENDO!?!?!?!!??!!?!?!?!?! grrrrrr!! :evil:

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meh I don't care much for mmo.......so Im not phased. I can't stand wow ....mostly because Im a fps kinda guy.......but I could play paper mario any day of the week :)

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I like my Wii, but in this sense I can see how Nintendo might have back themselves into a corner. Good thing I have an XBOX too.

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Square-Enix WILL DELIVER! If theres someone who can end the load of sh*t mmorpgs that are available, thats squareenix. Their game is going to be THE next big thing in mmos.

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@bc266 You made some valid points as did alot of other people on here. I'm not trying to bash you, disrespect you, or offend you in any way but when you say that people that like other consoles buy games that are not full, that statement can be said about Nintendo as well. I'm a Huge Nintendo fan, Have been since 1986 Super Mario Bros on NES "Play it Loud" but I won't be blind and say that whatever Nintendo does is full. Look at Pokemon, that is probably the biggest non-full Expansion pack type game there is other than like WoW or MMO's. Pokemon makes you go back and buy ALL the other games just to get certain creatures that are not in the game you bought. That can get very expensive. So as far as the statement, Yes, I buy games that are full, but I also buy games that aren't like Phantasy Star Online which was an awesome game. I own a Wii too if you were wondering. I also own almost Every Other Nintendo Console, Including Virtual Boy just to show you that I am a huge Nintendo fan. @Everybody All consoles have their pros and cons. I actually look at all the consoles, (Which are ALL great consoles, PS3, XB360, and WII all have potential). It just stands that, different people like different things. I'm sure you know all of that. PS3 fans direct negative comments towards XBOX basically because XB360 is getting most of their Exclusives and all they can really say is that XB360's Hardware isn't as good as PS3's (Which is True). PS3 fans say that Wii graphics aren't good because that is the only issue they can really see with the Wii (Which is true). XB360 fans say the PS3 sucks because of the Lack of games on the PS3 (Which is true as of now), XB360 Fans say Wii sucks because the Wii again, doesn't have all the graphical capabilities of the other two systems. Wii fans say PS3 sucks because of Lack of games and PS3's use of the Motion Controls. Wii fans say XB360 Sucks because Microsoft bought Rare which was a major Company of Nintendo's. Either way, All the console Fans see what the other company doesn't have and uses that to say the company sucks. The console and PC fans also know what they wish their consoles had that the other companies do have. If Wii had HD, Most Wii fans would be saying "The Wii looks waaaaaayyyyyyy Better than PS3/XB360" even when it looks exactly the same. That goes for XB360/PS3 fans too. If those two companies had the Controller and Motion Capabilities that the Wii has, they would be saying, "Man, this is the Best and Only way to play a certain type of Game, the way this game plays is just awesome". All this fanboy/girl stuff is ridiculous. Of course you want your company to do better than the others but if your company does actually put the others out of business and monopolize gaming, the prices are going to skyrocket for everything they make and you know what the bigwigs in those companies are going to say about the Fanboy's/girl's, they'll say, "I don't give a crap about them, there's no competition so I can charge them whatever I want to charge them and they Will pay it if they want to play my console". Since most fans won't buy anything different, they will end up paying $2000 for a Video Game and unheard of amounts of money for consoles. Anyway, I think that at this point in time, Nintendo needs to embrace all the different types of games that they can because it will do them no harm to have more types of games on their console and it will give most people what they wanted in the 1st place. Great gaming.

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If I want to play an MMO I will use my PC. A console is better off for one player or a small group of friends.

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No big deal for me, i've never liked MMOs

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I guess allot of people didn't like my comments. Sorry but it's just the way I see it. Ever since I got my Wii, nintendo's been telling me what I won't be able to do with it not what I will be able to do.

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I think they know the online capabilities revolutionize the world of games (online games) but I think there are not mindless company this Nintendo has. The Wii has network connection and has a USB port, as previous state by lightningbugx. I agree to him, that All the Wii needs is the external HDD driver, and then the Wii will have the ability to support a 1TB harddrive before PS3 and X360 will pass 200GB. Think of the possibility. These are for future use... they prepare for the future.

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Smartipants: MOH and RedSteel WERE pretty awful, and they don't compare AT ALL with Metroid Prime 3. As a matter of fact, having Wii controls -like MP3's nontheless- would make it so people like me, who suck at FPS' find the idea of joining the Halo/Gears bandwagon much more appealing. As for the cross-platform... how the hell would the Wii crossplatform with any other console when they are leagues more powerful then it anyway? I'll just stick with Chrystal Chronicles.

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Well im all for cross platform mmo and it means bigger user base and more people to quest with but hey i have yet to see a mmo on a console worth playing ? i wish the up and coming warhammer online was console bound .

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As long as they finish up the prequel and sequel to Crystal Chronicles and get their DQ games out as soon as possible, that's all I care about... And from then on, SE can go suck a brick when it comes to Nintendo catering to them.

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Nintendo doesn't need Square-Enix. They barely made any games for Nintendo over the passed recent years.

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....Who plays a MMO on a console anyways? If you bash the Wii because it won't play a MMO...Do you think a lot of people play FFXI on the 360? No..The majority are still on the PC and willing to upgrade their computers to play these games despite the cost. The MMO situation isn't working well on consoles so far.

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I sure do enjoy all the bashing that FFXI gets, and the "FFXI is dead" quotes from "FFXIsAsyntax". Have you played the game recently? The Gilseller problem is nothing even close to what it was like this time last year. "Sky", "Sea", NM pop areas and such are all RMT (Real Money Trade) free thanks to changes which have been implemented, and legitimate players have free reign to the areas again. The issues in crafting have been addressed in the recent monthly bannings, which in turn has allowed to economy to become much more reasonable and stable for everyone, and will continue to be addressed as said by their "Special Task Force". The doom and gloom of 2005 in the world of Vana'diel is long since past, and myself, along with the still 500,000+ subscribers of FFXI, will certainly not agree with the whole "FFXI is dead" argument. Now as for the non-cross platform stance from Nintendo, I think it is a shame that they are doing this. I, for one, would love to be able to play a game with/against a person that had no limits on which console you are playing on. Here's hoping the people at Nintendo change their stance one day.

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Look for Sony and X360 fanboys to predict the doom of the Wii because of this.

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nintendog66, I'm happy you think playing FPS on the Wii is so much better than the 360 or PS3, but some of us think it's absolutely awful. I haven't played MP3 yet, but Red Steel and MOH Heroes were TERRIBLE. And bc266: actaully, a huge number of people care about online play, It's not about buying a game in "pieces", it's about finishing a game and then being able to extend its lifespan with additional content. Nintendo fanboys always get steamed up when online is mentioned, because they know Nintendo's online support has been such a disaster so far.

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well this is why i'm planning on buying a 360 or just staying with my pc, wii was never for MMOs though i wish it had a little bit more features like a hard drive so we can download contents for games, and a better overall online gaming experience, it doesn't tand there's nothing wre can do but wait till Nintendo comes out with a new system

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Damn! as long as the Wii gets a first person shoter with online play I'm happier than having a FF XI like version on Wii

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well that is dumb of nintendo. that is probly why none of the battle fields came to the wii.

Avatar image for Pete5506

GOD!!! More MMO'S? god dang

Avatar image for lightningbugx

If you think Mario Kart needs to have online abilities, Pokemon needs it more. It is a surprise Nintendo has not tried a Pokemon MMO. But like I said in a previous comment, the Wii has network connection and has a USB port. All the Wii needs is the external HDD driver, and then the Wii will have the ability to support a 1TB harddrive before PS3 and X360 will pass 200GB.

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I hate MMOs, the only thing you do there is leveling up, at least is what I know

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"Currently we're not looking at Nintendo Wii as a platform." Ouch.

Avatar image for Chainblast

"owners of the system likely aren't especially optimistic about controlling massively multiplayer online role-playing games with the motion-sensing Wii Remote anytime soon" Yeah 'cause the classic controller is just a figment of my imagination. The lack of HDD is a problem though. I just don't understand why journalists string up these stupid barriers as to why a game cannot exist on a certain platform. Not that it really matters though considering which game is the topic of discussion.

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"Don't see why the Wii has to be so favoured and loved just because of a wand controller" Yes it is, have you ever played MP3 or any Wii shooter? I guess no... It's MUCH more fun than analog stick shooting which in FACT is boring. Also adding small movements to games like DBZ: BT2 is quite fun instead of horrible button mashing over and over again Simulord@ So you don't "pick-up-and-play" other games too? So just because a company tries a different sort of demographic that "marginalizes" the other players too? Have you heard of SSBB, MP3, SMG, Zelda: TP, MoH: H2, DBZ: BT3(2), MK Wii and other, as you call it, "hardcore" games? And you know there ARE online games coming out right? Medal of Honor Heroes 2 with 32 players online, DBZ: BT3 with LOADS of options to play, SSBB 'nuff said, AC Wii... Actually NOBODY cares about what's "under the hood" unless you're a DIEHARD fanboy with no life and stupid critics looking for some quick cash in a magazine or website...

Avatar image for Pyrosa

This is a non-event; these aren't the types of games that most people seem to play on Wii. (We've got PCs, X360s, and PS3's for that.) The Wii is all about innovative, often multiplayer, gameplay using the new control scheme -- everything in my Wii's library reflects that. My X360 and PC are all about episodic content, expansions, patches (for better or worse), etc....

Avatar image for bc226

Most of Us Wii owners are not buying the system for online play we do not care we have PCs for that. And most of us are Buying games that are full not piece meal like Motorstorm or any of the other games you fools are buying only pieces of. Think about that all of you folks that are buying into the hype of GT5 or GTA or any number of games that are not complete and will continue to cost you hows it feel not having what you paid for but instead only getting bits and pieces of games and having to continue to pay for something that normaly was there during the PS2,Cube and Xbox era. You are the ones that fell for the lies not us.

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okay wii isn't made for graphics first of all, and second of all... HELLO SQUARE CNIX MAKES TERRIBLE ONLINE GAMES!!! Did everyuone forget... ff11 is one of the worst ff's out their... do not beleive me, okay than go see the review and play the game for 10 minutes or so.... yeah thas what I thought.

Avatar image for XwarzoneX

>i stopped reading ther Wii fanboys quick to dismiss differing viewpoints, too. Hurts that not everyone is on their knees groveling the Mighty God Nintendo. Don't worry, when the fad fades, you can still pretend nothing ever happend and that the Wii still won the generation. Like most fanboys did with the GameCube.

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Wii fanboys so quick to attack? franzil wrote i stopped reading ther

Avatar image for Franzkill

Why are the Wii fanboys so quick to attack? This guy is actually giving valid reasons as to why it would make no sense releasing certain games on the Wii. Truth is that the Wii's hardware limitations are not allwoing developers to really do something incredible with games and thus looking current gen still along with the use of the gimmick controller. Also this guy was never saying anything about the Wii being hardcore. If you ask me there is no such thing as a 'hardcore' console. I have a job and go to college which means I have a social life. Of course I'm not pointing at anyone here but in my opinion having a busy social life doesn't exactly give you a lot of time for gaming so playing on consoles like the PS3 and Xbox 360 can be seen just as casual as playing on the Wii. In other words when I have time and not sitting in front of my TV/PC all day 24/7. Don't see why the Wii has to be so favoured and loved just because of a wand controller.

Avatar image for HK-47-M4

Hmm, guess we will have to wait til the Tokyo Game Show for more info. Hopefully we will also learn more about FFXIII, Versus, and Kingdom Hearts 3?.

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Online gaming...okay, its awesome. I like my 360's online gaming. I love being able to play games with people. Wii though? I rather keep it as the occasional online player. Not every game needs to be online. Look at Bioshock. It's an awesome game on its own, and it really doesn't need to have online play. It's great without it. Case and point, do it like the DS, and make an online game every so often. Mario Kart HAS to be online. MP3 should have been online. Make a whole new Animal Crossing that almost makes it an MMO to an extent (I have this whole idea down in my head).