Square Enix nine-month profits jump 48%

Publisher rides Final Fantasy XIII's Japanese launch, Eidos acquisition to ballooning net income of $87 million on $1.51 billion revenues.


Square Enix continues to see its revenues inflate after subsuming UK publisher Eidos in April 2009. This week, the Japanese gaming publisher reported revenue of ¥135.4 billion ($1.51 billion) for the nine-month period ended December 31, up 30.9 percent from the same period in 2008. Profits also jumped during the first nine months of its fiscal year, rising 48.2 percent to ¥7.8 billion ($87 million).

Final Fantasy is bringing in the gil hand over fist.
Final Fantasy is bringing in the gil hand over fist.

Net sales for Square Enix's games segment stood at ¥72.9 billion ($813 million) for the period, a 97 percent increase from the year-ago period. Operating income matched the pace of that growth, rising 99 percent to ¥18 billion ($200 million). Dragon Quest IX, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Final Fantasy XIII, and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days led sales for the publisher during the period.

Square Enix did not provide unit-sales updates for any of the games launched during the period. However, as part of its first-half report in November, the publisher said that Arkham Asylum had sold 2.63 million units and Kingdom Hearts 385/2 had sold 1.22 million copies. The publisher also previously announced that Final Fantasy XIII had sold 1.7 million units upon its debut in Japan in December.

As for the remainder of its fiscal year, the publisher expects to publish the PC version of Gas Powered Games' Supreme Commander 2 in North America on March 2, with the Xbox 360 version following on March 16. In between the arrival of those two, Square Enix will deploy its heavy hitter Final Fantasy XIII internationally on March 9, with Just Cause 2 coming for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC on March 23.

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Avatar image for Marzillius

Lol, why did I get 7 thumbs down for liking Supreme Commander 2?

Avatar image for Hydralic

@boricuasnake04 me too, me too . i have loved square and always will.

Avatar image for boricuasnake04

Final Fantasy created a whole new era I remember going to school and all I can remember talking about was Squaresoft masterpiece I basically grew up with this company and its games and movies basically have grown up with me throughout the years

Avatar image for biokrysty

this will be a quake

Avatar image for get_bangd

omg im dying for this game to come out now.. its time for a long R.P.G. all these great adventures game are fun but are way too short..

Avatar image for mf1986

@boricuasnake04 just wondering how did they change your life?

Avatar image for mf1986

hehe finaly some one that isnt loosing money

Avatar image for Sirbobislost

So supcom2 looks awesome ff13 well it's a ff game so can't be bad what I'm most interested in is the new direction they've gone with front mission and if theybe seen the light and are gonna make a dissidia for the ps3

Avatar image for nevryn

And yet their stock is down. Gotta love the stock market, do poorly, your stock price goes down, do well, it still goes down... stupid investors.

Avatar image for NoLifeGamin

@oldschoolKEN well i have tried DQ, and it's pretty damn awesome. Though i prefer Final Fantasy because of the story, and the gameplay can actually be challenging at times(Seymour was hell to beat back on FFX). That's just me though, DQ is just too simple man. Though i've only played two DQ games in my life. I was also asking about Final Fantasy =_= DQ has NOTHING to do with what i asked.

Avatar image for boricuasnake04

I am sure that this game will yet again change my life just like 7 and the 8 did

Avatar image for absolut_gamerz

yeah!!! FFXIII really kick-ass! i finished play the Japanese version last month. it is a really AMAZING game. i can feel the authenticity of the game because it is a Japanese version. i bet you all wont feel the authenticity when playing the game in English.so, my advice to you all is to order the Japanese version of FFXIII. FEEL THE AUTHENTICITY!!!

Avatar image for bogeta24

first....release date for kh bbs and then.........ff 7 remake= square enix loaded out of their freakin minds

Avatar image for Fallen119

Come on square remake ff7 AND ff8! Your profits will quadruple!

Avatar image for Soko77788

As soon as March 9th rolls around profits are going to soar even more! Can't wait :)

Avatar image for oldschoolKEN

@NoLifeGamin Dragon Quest is actually more popular in Japan. If you havent tried the series out I recommend it highly. Just make sure you have insane amounts of free time.

Avatar image for VXLbeast

Can't wait for SupCom 2 and FFXIII. Oh, and Square? How about Kingdom Hearts 3 and The World Ends With Your 2. Thankee kindly. :)

Avatar image for ViSuaLAddICTioN

cant wait for versus XIII

Avatar image for toddze

FFXIV (the new MMO) will also help SE make a small fortune

Avatar image for Kou-Nurasaka

You knew that when Birth by Sleep and Final Fantasy dropped, SE's was going to crap money for the next few months. Bottom line, they have my vote, with 3 great new RPG's dropping this year (FF XIII, KH:BBS, and SO4: International). Seriously, they just posted these figures and two of thier heavy hitters haven't even dropped in the states yet. Go SE!

Avatar image for SocialAnXieTy

They can say FFXIII helped immensely, I still give all the credit to Dissidia.

Avatar image for snaggleoooo

Wow, SupCom2 and FFXIII within a week of each other. My wallet's going to be sore at the start of March.

Avatar image for BloodMist

Well, a new FF will do that for ya, i suppose.

Avatar image for Haseo106

Cool! Thanks to FF13 on PS3 (Not Xbox360)! Let's GO SQUARE ENIX. YOu should make more PS3 Exclusives and forget about the Xbox360!

Avatar image for NoLifeGamin

OMG i have to wait a whole month before FFXII hits store shelves in NA! Well considering that it is gonna be released here too, SE is gonna have a lot more cash rolling in. Though i don't know if this is true, are Final Fantasy games more popular with us Westerners than it is for Easterners?(specifically Japanese people)

Avatar image for twi41

Before I die I need to secure some Square Enix stock so that I can ensure the financial well being of my family.

Avatar image for NOscope42

well deserved praise from me.....except i still have to wait for me FFXIII......*sigh* but a slightly less enthusiastic "go SE" from me after remembering that i still have a month to wait for it.... ^_^ cheers!

Avatar image for StephenBassford

As much as I love Final Fantasy, I loved Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross more. If Square Enix redid or made a sequel for those games I would have a heart attack.

Avatar image for coldsauce09

SE where all talented developers lived! screw activision!

Avatar image for SDBusDriver1979

Yeah and their profits would jump 2 folds again if they just pull that stick out of their butts and remake Final Fantasy 7.

Avatar image for s0l1dsnake

I bet a FAT bonus is coming to a Sony CEO near you.

Avatar image for J_Butcher

another reason why they are doin good is becuase FF versus, kh birth by sleep, plus kh 358 days/2, their are a lot of game delevolper that are doing well for examplei read somewhere that infinityward are doing well

Avatar image for *Lightchaos-206931739271909150

Congrats to Square Enix!

Avatar image for MrSamsaZ

why do you idiots keep saying "one of the few doing good in the market"..... you do know that there are lots of developers that are doing really good right now. The only reason why square is up at the moment is cause they just released ff13 in japan.

Avatar image for Kleeyook

What about DQX on Wii, FFXIII Versus on PS3, FFXIII Agito on PSP and Parasite Eve 3 on PSP?

Avatar image for NicoLikesSoda

NICE! now start doing kingdom hearts 3

Avatar image for tyco_ex

@oneligas Some people prefer jrpg's to wrpgs. Although I loved Kotor and dragon age is a pretty fun game I can't stand Oblivion. Not everyone likes the same thing.

Avatar image for Darth_Nater307

I keep forgetting that Square owns Edios, so I was like "Wait, what?!" when I saw "Arkham Asylum". This is all good news for Square. March 9 can't come fast enough.

Avatar image for travisstaggs

One of the few Japanese companies thats doing very well in the US, go Square! Can't wait till FFXIII is here. :D

Avatar image for snipergimp

XIII is almost here. I have waited for so long patiently. =)

Avatar image for midianite47

ahh Square Enix, pretty much the only company that is doing well in the market...perhaps because they're the only ones that know how to make a good game

Avatar image for Balmane

Stop giving news about FFXIII!!! It makes me want it more! :cry:

Avatar image for Daxo90

One of the few Japanese Publishers/Developers doing good in the market, well done SE :)

Avatar image for The_J0ker

Somehow I think DQIX (SE's best selling game ever in Japan) did more for this than FFXIII.

Avatar image for oneligas

My interest in FF die half way through FFX and i am tired JRPGs, go play Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, Oblivion, Dragon Age Origins, or Fallout 3 if you want to play a good RPG

Avatar image for abu_eljod

Square-Enix,one of the very few game developers that i still like,go Square-Enix,do make us proud with FF13 Versus as you did with FF13

Avatar image for Marzillius

Supreme Commander 2 will be EPIC!!!

Avatar image for Xtatic324


Avatar image for FaintRain

@Frankasti i know i meant when it comes in english

Avatar image for JukedSolid

Up 97% from a year ago?!?! Crap I should have bought stock with these guys O_O

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