Square Enix Montreal's next-gen Hitman reportedly canceled, publisher responds [UPDATE]

Publisher provides statement clarifying the matter.

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[UPDATE] Following the publication of this story, a Square Enix representative provided a statement to GameSpot on the matter.

"There's a bit of confusion around the Hitman projects currently in development at Square Enix-owned studios and so we wanted to take the time to clarify what each studio is working on to clear up some of this confusion. Io-Interactive is developing a new, AAA Hitman game that will be coming to PC and next-gen consoles and Square Enix Montreal is fully focused on mobile development of games some of which are related to the Hitman franchise," the representative said. "We look forward to sharing more details about these titles later this year."

The original story is below.

Square Enix Montreal's next-generation Hitman game has been canceled, according to the LinkedIn profile of a senior game designer at the studio. This project was originally announced as part of the outfit's inception in November 2012, though no details about it ever came to light.

Videogamer, which spotted the LinkedIn page, also found that another developer's resume claims Square Enix Montreal is working on a new Hitman game for iOS and Android. We have reached out to Square Enix for comment, but haven't heard back at press time.

Hitman fans needn't take the news as all bad, however, as another "AAA" Hitman game remains in development at series creator IO Interactive. This game was in pre-production as of June 2012 and its current development status is unknown.

The most recent core Hitman game was November 2012's Hitman: Absolution. For more on that game, check out GameSpot's review.

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Compared to Blood Money, Absolution was several notches down. One of the biggest issues I had with the game was that it became super linear compared to previous Hitman games.

In the older games you had to explore the level and see what you can use to kill the target WITHOUT loading zones. Instead, each level is broken up into little sections with scripted events and loading areas breaking up each one. It ruined the flow of the games and made it feel like they turned Hitman into an action game rather than a stealth game.

Also annoying was the immature jokes, childish NPC dialogue, and the utterly abysmal story.

Avatar image for crix01

<< LINK REMOVED >> I agree. Is pretty clear they made those changes to focus more on action and tension. But the game is pretty fun if you play on purist finding how to do things on your own.

Avatar image for MasterTheHero

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >>It has its moments. My first playthrough of the game I did on purist by default, because that's how I always play my Hitman games. I especially didn't like the changes to the disguise system or forcing you to kill the guards in the tutorial mission. Beautiful graphics though and there were definitely some great scenes in there.

Avatar image for Antidote2005

Absolution was great.

Avatar image for Dark-horseman

<< LINK REMOVED >>I agree, no sarcasm.

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Avatar image for wookiegr

Cool, so a new Next Gen game for PC and PS4 and different mobile games for hand held devices and the Xbox One. Should be interesting.

Avatar image for ajstrike922


Avatar image for kidflash2000

I loved Absolution, I remember those rare times when I would kill all my targets and get away in complete stealth were some of the most gratifying moments I have had in gaming for a LONG time. Now the point system wasn't the greatest, and lack of a jump button in the controls was sometimes annoying, but other than the graphics in the cutscenes being slightly sub-par, the entire game had a nice flow too it and it was a blast to play.

Avatar image for Zombrex

I've never been a big fan of the Hitman series, but once I got my hands on Absolution I couldn't get enough. It's actually a shame that Tomb Raider, Hitman: Absolution and Sleeping Dogs didn't make more of a splash. All three were games I had no interest in, but have enjoyed the most this past year.

Avatar image for Moegitto

<< LINK REMOVED >> Sleeping dogs made a big splash, it even surprised the developers and publishers. Tomb Raider 2013 made a decent enough impact but when they announced multiplayer only DLC people got mad. That's why people are mad about the PS4/Xbox ONE Tomb Raider port, because they are adding single player DLC and then charging full price. They could have done that at first and left out the multiplayer DLC because the MP is terrible.Absolution just took too many things out for people to call it a Hitman game, not saying the game is bad. It should have been a game of its own instead of using the Hitman name.

Avatar image for platinumking320

Aww maaaaaaan...and instead..our current options for AAA stealth are 'parkour, hit blade and counterkill'. Sigh. Naked Snake it's up to you man. Make us proud.

Avatar image for Vodoo

They better not cancel the XB1/PS4 version in favor of a shitty iPhone game.

Avatar image for Miroku_of_Nite1

Well... I hope the next game is more in line with Blood Money in terms of mechanics and design. Just give me levels, tell me to kill someone and let me figure it out. Also have my status carryover.

Avatar image for Zombrex

@Miroku_of_Nite1 That's the way Absolution worked too.

Avatar image for deactivated-5a3920d6b9003

I wish Squeenix would give the Hitman license to a kickstarter developer, so they can make a Hitman game for Hitman fans and not for casual gamers, who do not want to use their brains.

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Judging from the comments, no one bothers to read beyond the title. Allow me to clarify. Hitman for next gen is not cancelled. There were two new Hitman titles being developed. One of them was cancelled, and it's not the one being developed by the original Hitman dev. Hitman 6 is coming!

Avatar image for 2Black2Strong

<< LINK REMOVED >>one Hitman is for Android and IOS and the others status is UNKNOWN

Avatar image for 2Black2Strong

Honestly, this fuckin' sucks! With the new engine they can definitely make the next installment better. Hitman should have been more like Splinter Cell but with more open world activity

Avatar image for Zombrex

<< LINK REMOVED >> A completely open world Hitman game would be amazing. Could you imagine shadowing a target to figure out their routine, then sniping them from another building a few blocks away?

Avatar image for vallee05

Hitman was a great series and though Enix is doing an HD edition of TombRaider I would rather see an HD Edition of Hitman. However, IO interactive did a great job with the last game and they are still working a hitman title. Looking forward to hit. The only thing I felt was missing from the last title was the inability to equip your own guns prior to each mission/level/contract. Other that that if you haven't played it I highly recommend it.

Avatar image for theprismhead

<< LINK REMOVED >>It wasn't bad but far worse than the previous ones. Their level design was incomparably better.

Avatar image for KelpsterD


The way they bottle-knecked the levels was fucking stupid. Just give me the WHOLE map at once and let me kill the fucker when I want, how i want.

Avatar image for Mickeyminime

never played any of the games, only one of my friends owns it and he told me it's a game that grows on you over time

Avatar image for visionedorange

judging from that image that can only be a good thing

Avatar image for girlshavefuntoo

Dissapointing. I actually like Hitman.

Avatar image for senorbusyman

but i wanted a next gen hitman

Avatar image for jack00

Absolution was boring as hell and I don't see how the sequel could get better if it stayed with the same devs team.

Avatar image for hahamanin

<< LINK REMOVED >> it was a great game infact imo its the best hitman game for me....i dont know as in what part u found boring

Avatar image for SolidSnakeJT

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >>He is right, it was boring as hell...stupid gameplay elements, a story coming from the mind of a 10year old child, awefull disguise system...and much more. Worst Hitman of the series....but what to expect these days, everythin becomes mainstream and casual shit!

Avatar image for mkdoomfan2

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Worst Hitman game of the series? You sure about that? Many including myself can argue that the first one takes that spotlight.

Avatar image for crix01

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> The disguise system is more restrictive. Ironically people complaining about the disguises are the same complaining about the hand holding.

Avatar image for SolidSnakeJT

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> you are only proving my point...Hitman is not a game where you are suposed to only play one way...disguise as always been a huge part of the game.

Avatar image for xsonicchaos


What was the problem with the disguise?

Avatar image for Grimkillah

<< LINK REMOVED >> Disguise, wtf?!? Suit Only Silent Assassin or you are not playing the game right.

Avatar image for visionedorange

<< LINK REMOVED >> except that it was awesome so your comment is irrelevant

Avatar image for Nev3rtime

This just in, Thief cancelled to make a Thief themed hidden object game on facebook.

Avatar image for xsonicchaos

<< LINK REMOVED >> In all seriousness (and sadness), that would be a more profitable move. But don't let them know that.

Avatar image for themc_7

I figured maybe after Absolution sort of tanked, this Franchise might be over.

Avatar image for kingcrimson24

hitman absolution was a real disappointment , i hope hitman goes back to old ways . blood money was one of the best games i ever played

Avatar image for xsonicchaos


Can you make a more detailed comparison between Blood Money and Absolution?

Avatar image for kingcrimson24


Hitman Blood money missions were big , open , usually took 3 - 4 hours to complete each . you have to to explore the whole place , find routes , make a plan and strategy for a silent assassination

Hitman absolution : just go from A to B . and assassinate a few targets on the way . a linear game

Avatar image for xsonicchaos


Seems like you barely played Absolution, if at all. It took me 148 hours (according to Steam) to get the game to 100%. But what's even weirder is that you're praising Blood Money's level design over Absolution's level design that's in fact its strongest elements. Which brings me to the conclusion that you have no idea what you're talking about.

Avatar image for pyro1245

I haven't been able to get into a hitman game since 2; which was one of the best games ever!

Avatar image for perceptive_yoda

Eddie Makuch is the Hitman

Avatar image for GSyythisBlueDudeyyGS

<< LINK REMOVED >> I thought he was Bowser last year for holloween.