Square Enix launching crowdfunding program

New "Collective" initiative from Tomb Raider and Deus Ex publisher revealed through partnership with Indiegogo; creators can potentially use "older Eidos IP" for their projects.

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Tomb Raider and Deus Ex publisher Square Enix has announced an all-new crowdfunding platform called Collective, made possible through a partnership with crowdfunding site Indiegogo.

The program is described as a "curated platform" that will allow creators to post ideas and have gamers decide whether those concepts should become a reality or not.

Developers will pitch their ideas to a "dedicated, core gaming community," which includes a due diligence "evaluation phase" from Square Enix.

If the idea is approved after 28 days of processing through the feedback platform, the project will be eligible for crowdfunding through Indiegogo.

In addition, Square Enix said it will use its "experience of bringing games to market" to help creators understand how much money they will need to raise to make their idea a reality. All projects will be checked by Square Enix to ensure that the scope of the pitch is in line with the developer's "ability and ambition" to deliver.

Submitting pitches to Collective is free, though creators will need to agree to "some terms and conditions."

Square Enix also said that creators "could" have the chance to work with "older Eidos IP" from the company's back catalog for new projects. More information about submission parameters and IP selection will be provided at GDC Next in November.

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