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Square Enix Has Released Final Fantasy VII NFT Trading Cards

Square Enix is still going in on NFTs.


Square Enix has released Final Fantasy VII-themed NFTs via its Final Fantasy VII Anniversary Art Miseum Digital Card display set. The set costs $79.80.

The card set is a mix of both physical and digital goods, as it's a sealed display box that contains 20 physical card packs with six physical trading cards. There are 207 design variations, as well as one exchange ticket that can be redeemed for any one digital card of choice. The exchange program's details will be revealed at a later date.

As for the 207 different design variations, they consist of 99 normal edition cards, 99 premium foil cards, three variant normal cards, three variant premium foil cards, and three secret cards. These cards feature the artwork of characters, summons, and backgrounds from both the original Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VII remake.

Square Enix has continuously reaffirmed its commitment to NFTs and blockchain games, even as the wider gaming industry has distanced itself from them. Square Enix announced this NFT project back in July 2022 and also released a Cloud Strife digital collectible figure along with it. The company is also working on an NFT game called Symbiogenesis.

The second installment of the Final Fantasy VII remake saga, titled Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, is scheduled to release in late 2023 or early 2024 for PlayStation 5.

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