Square Enix has highest salary average among game companies in Japan

Final Fantasy publisher holds top spot, above Sony, Nintendo, and Sega.


Japanese salary and income analysing company Nensyu Labo recently revealed a ranking chart for the companies with the highest average salary for its employees (via Andriasang). Square Enix is at the top, with employees getting an average salary of 21.68 million yen per year ($273,057).

Square Enix sure pays its workers well.
Square Enix sure pays its workers well.

This was followed up by Sony, with an average of 9.23 million yen ($116,253), and Nintendo, with 9.14 million yen ($115,117). Sega Sammy Corporation was placed fourth, with a salary average of 8.22 million yen, while Konami and Namco Bandai were just behind with 6.78 and 6.40 million, respectively.

The top 10 list is just below:

1. Square Enix -- 21.68 million
2. Sony -- 9.23 million
3. Nintendo -- 9.14 million
4. Sega Sammy Corporation -- 8.22 million
5. Konami -- 6.78 million
6. Namco Bandai Holdings -- 6.4 million
7. Tecmo Koei Holdings -- 6.15 million
8. Gala Japan -- 5.91 million
9. Capcom -- 5.71 million
10. Yuke's Future Media Creators -- 5.65 million

Nensyu Labo stated that it compiles its data based off public filings from each company.

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