Square Enix gives glimpse of Grandia III

Trailer for summer RPG gets online showing...for a limited time only.


TOKYO--Starting today and continuing through May 8, Square Enix is offering up a trailer of its upcoming role-playing game, Grandia III. The game, currently in development by Game Arts, is due for the PlayStation 2 this summer in Japan. The development team consists of character designer You Yoshinari and scriptwriter Takahiro Hasebe, both of whom worked on Grandia 1. Composer Noriyuki Iwadare also returns.

In Grandia III, the player takes on the role of Yuuki, a 16-year-old boy who hopes one day to become a pilot, like the legendary "king of the skies" Schmidt. Yuuki adventures alongside Alfina, an elflike shaman who can communicate with holy beasts that both protect mankind and serve as gods. Alfina is searching for her brother, Emilious, who disappeared three years earlier. Alfina eventually reunites with her brother, but it turns out that he has become evil and has designs to take over the world.

The battles in Grandia III will emulate the semi-real-time system of Grandia II, but additional changes will spice up gameplay. Some known additions include an aerial attack system, as well as a dialogue system that strengthens the team play of party members.

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