Square Enix Files New Final Fantasy Trademarks In Japan

Three new filings may shed light on what Square Enix is working on next.


It seems something new is in the pipeline for Square Enix as the company recently made public three Final Fantasy-related trademarks that were filed in Japan last month.

According to Gematsu, Square Enix filed three trademarks in December 2020: "Ever Crisis" and "The First Soldier" on December 17 and the Shinra Electric Power Company logo on December 22. All three were made public on January 12. The trademark filings don't include any descriptions, so it's unclear exactly what Square Enix plans to do with them. It's common for companies to file trademarks, but more often than not companies end up not using them.

However, all three bear a connection to the Final Fantasy series, particularly Final Fantasy VII. "Ever Crisis" is likely a reference to Square Enix's two Crisis games, the 2004 mobile game Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII and the 2007 PSP title Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. Meanwhile, "The First Soldier" seemingly alludes to 1st Class Soldier and main FFVII villain Sephiroth.

The last trademark is self-explanatory as it's the logo of the controlling megacorporation, the Shinra Electric Power Company.

While there's no confirmation on what these trademarks could mean for the company, it's possible Square Enix is preparing more Final Fantasy VII content. We know Final Fantasy VII Remake is supposed to release in three parts, with the second having entered full development. There's no release date for Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2. TechRadar reported in April 2020 that there's a possible two-year gap between each installment of the remake.

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