Square Enix developing new MMORPG

Little is known about the PC title other than its name--Fantasy Earth: The Ring of Dominion. First screens inside.


TOKYO--Early purchasers of the Final Fantasy XI expansion Chains of Promathia are reporting that it contains a leaflet promoting a new PC game from Square Enix.

Inside the Chains of Promathia package is a teaser flyer for a game titled "Fantasy Earth: The Ring of Dominion." The flyer offers no information on the game, other than the fact that it will be a PlayOnline title. It also provides the URL for the game's official Web site.

The Web site, however, offers more information on Fantasy Earth: The Ring of Dominion. A brief "about" page reveals that the game will be a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Also included are 10 screenshots--five from the game itself and five from the trailer--which are viewable on the site.

GameSpot will have more details on Fantasy Earth: The Ring of Dominion as they emerge.

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