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Square Enix apologises for 'overdue' news on Final Fantasy Versus XIII

More information on Final Fantasy Versus XIII might be released soon, adds Square Enix.


Square Enix has apologised for a lack of information on the frequently delayed Final Fantasy Versus XIII, but has promised that the company will finally be able to reveal details about the game soon.

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Speaking on Square Enix Radio (via Gematsu), director Tetsuya Nomura said that "even within the company it's a very delicate problem," after being asked when more information on Final Fantasy Versus XIII would be released.

"The date when we can concretely lift the ban has been decided and we are preparing for that moment," continued Nomura. "Maybe the details as to why information couldn't be released might be touched upon at the next information announcement."

"I'm sorry it's already overdue, but please wait just a little more."

Final Fantasy Versus XIII was announced in 2006, along with Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII. The trio of games were all set in Square Enix's then-new Fabula Nova Crystallis universe.

A report surfaced in July 2012 claiming the game had been cancelled, but Square Enix said development of Final Fantasy Versus XIII had not been abandoned.

Meanwhile, the second direct sequel to Final Fantasy XIII--Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII--will be released in Q3 2013.

Square Enix has also promised to reveal a new Final Fantasy game at E3 2013.

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