Square Enix Announces New Valkyrie Profile RPG, Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin

Few details have been shared, but it's due out this spring in Japan.


While details are light, Square Enix has revealed a new game in the Valkyrie Profile series is on the way and will be out in Japan sometime in the next few months.

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Little is known about the new RPG, which is called Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin. A newly launched teaser website (translated by Gematsu) offers almost no information beyond the name, the fact that it's an RPG, and a Japanese release window of spring 2016.

Beyond the lack of any screenshots or images other than the logo above, the most notably absent bit of information is what platform it's coming to. Gematsu notes the use of the word "distribution" in relation to its release suggests it's a smartphone game, but that hasn't yet been made official. Likewise, we don't know when or if it'll be released outside of Japan.

The Valkyrie Profile series--of which Anatomia is a part, based on the logo resembling that of previous games--dates back to 1999, when Valkyrie Profile was released in Japan on the original PlayStation. That game would be ported to PSP in 2006 and has since seen two follow-ups: one on PS2 in 2006 (Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria) and another on DS in 2008 (Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume, released in the west in 2009).

Covenant of the Plume producer Yoshinori Yamagishi is listed on the teaser site as being involved, which suggests series developer Tri-Ace is taking the reigns on development.

We'll have more information on Anatomia as it's announced.

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mobile S**T ?? f**k you!!!

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The 1st thing I thought of before even clicking this article was I bet it's mobile since it's a niche title so it'll be developed on a crappy mobile device to minimize cost and maximize profit since they know niche crowds will buy it even if it's on crappy, worthless mobile garbage.

I click the article and see it's likely on mobile. Of all the times for me to be wrong why couldn't it have been this time?! Maybe it'll at least get ported to 3DS since it has a large user base. Doubt it would ever make it to Vita since they'd have to go in and implant trophy codes.

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I bet it's for mobile

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Well at least we still have Indivisible coming. Its not a VP game but seems to be very inspired by it.

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It is a mobile game, in case you guys still don't know.

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@jyml8582: Any actual source for that yet?

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Please Lenneth, smite those who dares makes it mobile.

I've waited far too long to suffer mobile.

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It does sound like it's probably going to be a mobile game since it's coming out so soon. That leaves me a bit torn on this. Most mobile games are not that great, but I enjoyed Chaos Rings and Final Fantasy: Dimensions, so I suppose Square Enix might have a good enough grasp on translating the genre to mobile form for this to work. The main problem that I have with developing more fleshed out projects on mobile platforms is the fact that you normally don't get a very long time before the software is no longer supported on new firmware. That happened with Chaos Rings and several other games I've had over the years. I find that unacceptable. I can go back and play my original copy of Final Fantasy or Super Mario Bros. with just a little bit of effort to clean out the cart and the system, but I can't play a game I bought two years ago on my phone without jumping through hoops and voiding any warranty by installing an old/custom firmware.

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Please don't be only mobile, please don't be only mobile, please don't be only mobile. There are very few good JRPG series left in the world. Please don't rob us of this joy as well, Square Enix....NIBELUNG VALESTI!

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Oh my God, I was overjoyed, then utterly crushed when I saw mobile. Why God, why?!!!

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Tri Ace just barely finished Star Ocean 5, and to announce this now with no information other than it's coming out very soon...please, for the love of the Ethereal Queen and Gabriel Celeste, don't let it be a mobile phone!

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Lol, I thought I was being pessimistic by immediately assuming it was a portable game, but apparently not. Screw you Square Enix.

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When Square announces games like this, with the release window a few months from announcement, it's always a mobile game. I got my hopes up due to the article title for nothing :(

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wonder if there gona play with the battle system to this too...

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It's going to be mobile trash. Damn it.

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@Thanatos2k: What makes you think so?

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@handofkain: Release date is too soon with too little information. Dead giveaway.

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Please no mobile game, please no mobile game, please no mobile game, please no mobile game, please no mobile game, please no mobile game. Valkyrie Profile is such a majestic franchise to make it a W.C.-time game. Take all the time you need, but please, make this title for consoles or PC. It deserves it.

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A new valkrie profile game being released but being for mobile is like winning $1 in a scratcher. You won and lost at the same time.

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@jonnybrownieboy: I think winning a free ticket would fit better as you win a chance to lose again so you get nothing out of it.....while mobile games can look amazing and all i dont know if i could get myself to pay $20 for a game i can only play on my tablet

I can only hope that its not on mobile and the wording in pointing at finding way to distribute it to pc gamers :D

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@jonnybrownieboy: It's more like getting a scratcher ticket as a present. It's not really a present, more like an insult.

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@Thanatos2k: I agree with this. My brother gave me scratchers for Christmas a few years ago. I was pretty pissed off since I actually put thought into his gift.

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@granasaberx: almost everyone I know agrees with your statement. then lose everything and then find it's the only church in town. once health & opportunity goes there's the abyss of society awaiting them.

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@granasaberx: What if you had won that big $25 jackpot, though?

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don't care. it's a mobile game.

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I was thinking about Valkyria Chronicles, but that is SEGA, not square enix :(

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I would pay good money for Valkyrie Profile 2 rereleased on PS4. Also, Star Ocean TTEOT and Xenosaga trilogy. Make it happen!!!

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@KahnArtizt: Can't say about the others but there was a rumour awhile back suggesting we'd get FF12 Zodiac Remastered and Xenosaga Trilogy Remastered for the PS4. This was the same source that leaked FF7R, so while we haven't heard anything since FF7R, that source did prove to be reliable.

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@Barighm: with the success of FFXHD, it would make sense. I think it's very likely. Xenosaga is doubtful but I would buy it twice just to support it. I love Xenosaga despite all its flaws.

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Heard on another sites that it is a mobile game launching spring 2016 but hey well all can hope for it to appear on ps4 !

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It's probably a mobile game; because on the official website, they used the word "HAISHIN", which means available for download.

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@sakuranoame: Also, console games usually don't have such small release windows. Games usually take at least 6 months to release after announcement. Mobile games just appear out of nowhere usually.

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@KahnArtizt: True, but not necessarily. You can technically announce a game whenever you want. That has no bearing on how long the game has been in development.

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It's an iOS/Android title.

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@leeshunshin: for whatever reason my brain told me to read the comments before the article, and you've probably just saved me 5 minutes of reading, thanks!

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@leeshunshin: Obviously an Ouya exclusive

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@FlameVegaXV: I was hoping to be able to play it on Gizmondo.