Square Developing Xenogears 2?

In addition to Chrono Trigger 2, GameSpot News gives reasons to believe a Xenogears sequel is coming from Square.


In addition to a plethora of clues from within Square signifying a sequel to Chrono Trigger, new information strongly suggests the company is further capitalizing on its RPG hits with preliminary work on a sequel to another blockbuster - Xenogears.

When asked about the possible development of a sequel to the PlayStation RPG, one of Xenogears' original character designers declined to answer, explaining that "it's very confidential." A separate inquiry regarding a sequel was made on another occasion on the designer's personal message board. The designer replied with a simple statement: "As to Xenogears 2, it's yet confidential. :-)"

Perhaps most importantly, a trusted source also reported getting a few quick glances of preliminary work on Xenogears 2 during a recent visit to Square's Los Angeles studio. Fans of the original RPG certainly realize the plausibility of another title - countless plot twists and background stories leave room for prequels and spinoffs alike. And thanks to decent sales both in Japan and North America, another title under the Xenogears brand name seems a likely scenario.

Special thanks to Brian Glick.

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