Square Demos New Titles

From those wonderful folks who brought us the Final Fantasy series, a demo disc appears featuring four of its upcoming titles.


Square, those wonderful folks who brought us the Final Fantasy series, released a demo disc featuring four of its upcoming titles: Einhander, Saga Frontier, Front Mission 2, and Front Mission Alternative.

Here's a bit of description of the four, along with screens and movies.

Einhander: A futuristic, multi-view shooter, this title looks to be a mix of R-Type and View Point. With stunning graphics and unique camera angles, this title has got gamers excited. No word on when or if Einhander will ever be released in the US.

Saga Frontier: This could be another RPG that sparks an entire series. Like the three Romancing Saga titles before it, Saga Frontier incorporates the free scenario system that allows the player to decide for himself the course of action. Saga Frontier has the same beautiful SGI-rendered backgrounds and scenery that made Final Fantasy VII look so amazing. It should be noted that the characters have the look of the old Final Fantasy games. Sony has announced plans to bring Saga Frontier out in the US sometime this fall.

Front Mission 2: Front Mission 2 is a strategy RPG game that features enormous city landscapes and strategically placed giant mech robots. It looks like a high-tech chess game cum battlefield extravaganza.

Front Mission Alternative: Front Mission Alternative is scheduled for released this July in Japan and should be hitting US shores around the fourth quarter of '97. This should be a very interesting game mixing strategy and action.

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