Squad Assault confirmed for Europe

GMX Media announces that it will publish Freedom Games' World War II strategy game in Europe. New screens inside.


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GMX Media has today announced that it has secured the European publishing rights for Squad Assault: West Front. The 3D strategy game, which is being developed by Eric Young and Freedom Games, is set in France in 1944 and will allow players to assume command of both the Allied and German armies that were doing battle at that time.

"Working with Matrix Games has been such a pleasure that other projects are already in the works. The company's dedication and knowledge of wargames is unprecedented," said Barry Leonard, COO of GMX Media. "Eric Young's Squad Assault: West Front is set to take the tactical wargaming market by storm with its polished and innovative 3D play. We're excited to bring this landmark title to European gamers."

No European release date for Squad Assault has been announced at this time, but Matrix Games currently plans to release the game in North America in March 2004. For more information on Squad Assault: West Front, check out our previous coverage of the game.

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