SpyParty enters open beta

Early access paid beta opens for indie espionage game SpyParty.



Upcoming indie game SpyParty has entered a paid open beta phase.

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Players who are interested can register on the SpyParty website and pay $15 for early access to the beta. A secondary option is also available for users who wish to donate $50 or more to the project and have their name entered in the game's credits.

Developed by Chris Hecker, SpyParty is a multiplayer espionage game that sees each player assume the role of a spy or sniper. The spy must complete a number of missions within a given time limit, and the sniper must identify and kill the spy with one shot before these missions are completed. Killing an innocent civilian results in a loss for the sniper.

According to the game's website, additional modes are being developed for the game.

Hecker has expressed a wish to release the game on "all the major platforms." SpyParty currently has no confirmed release date.

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