Spy Hunter movie in the works

Midway announces that Universal Pictures has optioned the rights to create a movie based on the Spy Hunter series of games.


Midway Games has today announced that Universal Pictures has obtained an option to the rights to turn the classic 1980s driving game Spy Hunter, which has recently been updated for the current generation of consoles, into a major live-action motion picture. Universal Pictures already has two producers and two writers working on the Spy Hunter project and is considering WWE superstar The Rock for the role of the game's hero, Alec Sects.

"The Spy Hunter deal marks the success of Midway's effort to proactively showcase its top properties to the movie industry," said Steve Booth, vice president of licensing at Midway. "We have a rich library of popular games, which will translate well into other forms of media."

In Spy Hunter, players get to take control of the world's most sophisticated spy vehicle, the G-8155 Interceptor--a sports car that is able to transform into both a motorcycle and a speedboat. A sequel to the game, Spy Hunter 2, is currently in development and will feature an enhanced version of the Interceptor capable of turning into an off-road 4x4 vehicle, an off-road motorcycle, and a snowmobile.

We'll bring you more information on the Spy Hunter movie as it becomes available.

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