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Ubisoft goes where few US publishers dare to tread with its new game for the Nintendo DS. Exclusive first details and media.


When Nintendo stated its belief that the DS hardware would encourage developers and publishers to think outside the box of traditional game development, this sounded like the kind of optimism you'd typically expect heralding the launch of a new gaming platform. However, it appears that this outside-the-box thinking may indeed be happening.

You know you're curious.
You know you're curious.

For example, during the Tokyo Game Show, we brought you word of Sonic Team's unique game, Kimi no Tame Nara Shineru (called Feel the Magic: XY/XX in the US), in which players will pursue the affections of a young lady. Yet while such craziness is perhaps to be expected from the land of the rising sun, dating sims, and Pokémon, you wouldn't expect it from other countries--certainly not France. Then we got word of Ubisoft's Sprung (formerly known as Crush), a self-described "Dating RPG/Simulation" from the house that Rayman, Tom Clancy, and Prince of Persia built.

Yes, friends and neighbors: The French are bringing America its first modern console dating sim. And it will be a launch title for the Nintendo DS.

Sprung will let you play through two gender-specific adventures, made up of more than 50 missions that include such titles as "The Sketchy Ex-Boyfriend," "Secret Admirer", "Hot Chick Scavenger Hunt," "First Kiss", "In Da Club," and "The Ski Lift". This all speaks volumes.

We're particularly excited about the Sketchy Ex-Boyfriend episode.
We're particularly excited about the Sketchy Ex-Boyfriend episode.

In addition, you'll find bonus levels and self-described "sexy, innovative gameplay" that promises to offer hours of "stimulating fun." The game's premise finds your male or female alter ego engaging in a risqué, daring adventure with sexy singles at Snowbird Mountain, a hip ski resort in Colorado. Your task will be to interact with a colorful cast of characters, as you push boundaries and hone your skills in what Ubisoft is describing as the "ultimate dating quest." You'll rely on communication to give you the almighty power of persuasion on dates and at meetings as you go through the game. The game's quirky personality will come from writer Colleen McGuiness (currently known for her work on Fox's North Shore), who is crafting the storylines, missions, and characters. Your success in the game will be determined--in the classic, time-honored tradition of dating sims--by your ability to react appropriately to various people and situations as events unfold.

We'll admit to having all manners of expectations when it came to the DS software lineup, but a Ubisoft-developed dating sim written by a Fox writer? It all boggles the mind on so many levels. Sprung is currently slated to ship this holiday season, so look for more on the game shortly as we bring you info directly from Nintendo's upcoming Gamer's Summit. Until then, feast your eyes on screens of the upcoming game.

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