Sprung and DS now coupling

Ubisoft ships its flirtation simulation for Nintendo's dual-screen handheld.


It's now safe to ask, "Is that a copy of Sprung in your DS or are you just happy to see me?" Ubisoft today announced that its dating sim has bounced into retail and is now available for Nintendo's new portable. The game is rated "T" for Teen and retails for $29.99.

Sprung may be a game, but it is all about getting some play and scoring in real-word terms. It lets gamers enjoy the tumultuous hills and valleys of a hot dating scene at a Colorado ski resort without getting a drink thrown in their faces.

Players can choose between two flirters, the recently dumped and on-the-rebound buoyant blonde Becky, or Brett, who is trying to suavely seduce Becky with his dreamy looks and charm. As with life, landing the partner of your dreams is often about saying the right thing, and Sprung challenges players to choose the appropriate dialogue while chatting up a target.

While it's unusual for a dating sim to land on American shores, the Nintendo DS already has two in the first three weeks of its release, as Sega's Feel the Magic: XX/XY launched alongside the portable. For more information on Sprung, check out our previous coverage, including an updated hands-on.

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