Spring TGS 2001: Hands-on: Super Street Fighter II X: Revival Edition

Capcom's other big GBA title is a remake of Super Street Fighter II Turbo.


Handheld systems aren't exactly known as fighting game powerhouses, but Capcom has turned out some decent Game Boy fighting games in the past. That trend is carrying over to the Game Boy Advance with the company's conversion of Super Street Fighter II Turbo for Nintendo's new handheld. The system may not have enough buttons to facilitate a more exact translation, but the game plays quite well nonetheless.

Your light and medium attacks are placed on the GBA's face buttons. If you tap the button, you get a light attack, while pressing the button for a little longer will result in a medium attack. The fierce punch and roundhouse kick buttons are mapped to the GBA's two triggers. The game takes a little getting used to, but the graphics and gameplay are both pretty solid.

The game features new character art, which is used for the character selection screen, as well as the versus and win screens. But other than that, the artwork and background stages are straight out of Super Turbo.

Street Fighter II Turbo for the GBA is scheduled to ship in June. The game will feature two-player link cable support.

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