Spring TGS 2001: Final Fight One

Capcom's classic side-scroller is making the transition to the GBA in May, but the first level is playable here at TGS.


Capcom showed off a GBA remake of its classic arcade and SNES beat-'em-up, Final Fight, here at the Tokyo Game Show. The remake, titled Final Fight One, only had one playable level, but that level looked pretty outstanding. All three characters from the arcade--Haggar, Cody, and Guy--are playable in the portable version, unlike the SNES release, which only contained two playable characters. Not all of the items, such as the steel pipe found in a giant crate in the second area, were in place, but it's assumed that everything will fall into place before the game's May release.

Graphically, the game looked as good as the arcade original. The status bar has been redesigned to accommodate the GBA's lower resolution, and new character art has been added, displayed along with bits of storyline when you encounter an end-of-level boss.

When it comes to remakes, the gameplay is easily the most important piece of the puzzle, and Final Fight One seems to have that part covered pretty well. The game is currently scheduled to ship this May here in Japan.

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