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We get a brief update on this free-to-play military shooter at GDC 2010.


War Rock

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GDC 2010 is underway, which means no shortage of new and like-new games is being shown in and around the Moscone Center in San Francisco. One such game is the ongoing free-to-play military shooter War Rock, which is celebrating its third year in operations. The game originally launched as a gritty desert combat game in a fictitious Middle Eastern country, but it has expanded beyond desert battles with loads of new maps (more than 50), hundreds of weapons, and a brand new team-based, objective-focused mode called Siege War.

War Rock's current focus is team-based siege war.
War Rock's current focus is team-based siege war.

Siege War is a team-based mode that takes place in destructible environments with three different attack objectives that eventually lead to a missile launch. The attacking team must complete the objectives to trigger the launch while the defenders try to prevent it. This mode also introduces drivable vehicles, such as tanks, jeeps, and jets, as well as new environments, such as mountain passes, rivers, and lakes.

Next month, War Rock will introduce a new "gear" system that will let players wear new types of armor that will show up on their character models. It will also add both advantages and disadvantages when worn (heavy body armor will provide good protection but will make your character move more slowly, for instance). However, as before, the in-game cash shop that lets you buy in-game items for real money contains, and will continue to contain, all the game's weapons and armor. Some 90 percent of it can be obtained by spending in-game currency rather than real money out of pocket. And later this year, the game is apparently planned to once again reappear in North American retail markets as War Rock: Clan Warfare.

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