Spot the Differences! lands on WiiWare

Nintendo Store Update: Eye-testing puzzle game hits download space next to two demos; Virtual Console adds S.C.A.T.; DSiWare welcomes G.G. Series Dark Spirits, Boom Boom Squaries, 505 Tangram, Shawn Johnson Gymnastics.


No Caption Provided Nintendo rings in the first full week of February with six new titles spanning each of its download spaces. Gamers can pick up everything from a spot-the-differences game to a title based on Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson.

Leading the pack this week is Spot the Differences! (500 Wii points, or $5) for WiiWare. From Sanuk Games, the title has players spotting the differences on 160 environments, three difficulty levels, with a total of 1,600 differences to find. Gamers can spot the differences either solo or with a friend and can try their hand at four distinct game modes: Time Attack, Select Scenes, Multiplayer, and Arcade.

Spot the differences between Guinea pigs.
Spot the differences between Guinea pigs.

Also out now are two WiiWare demos, the first of which is for WayForward's puzzle game LIT. The other is a sample experience for Nordcurrent’s tractor landscaping title Urbanix.

Switching to the Virtual Console, Nintendo added one new title to the nostalgic download hub today. Natsume's S.C.A.T. (500 Wii points, or $5), which first debuted on the NES in 1991, is now ready to download. The game casts players as a member of the Special Cybernetic Attack Team, a group which must destroy an invading alien force in the year 2029.

Available now from the DSiWare are four new games, the first of which is G.G Series Dark Spirits (200 DSi points, or $2). The side-scrolling shooter has players attacking enemy ships and collecting the souls of the defeated foes as a means to upgrade the protagonist’s ship.

If Dark Spirits is too dark, gamers can download Gamelion's Boom Boom Squaries (200 DSi points, or $2) from DSiWare today. The chain reaction-style puzzle title sees gamers laying waste to the nefarious invader Squaries. The title boasts four game modes: Classic, Challenge, Time Trial, and Endless.

Shawn Johnson's Gymnastics somersaults to DSiWare.
Shawn Johnson's Gymnastics somersaults to DSiWare.

Those wishing to download a virtual take on a classic game can download 505 Tangram (500 DSi points, or $5) today from the DSiWare. As its name would suggest, the title sports 505 tangram puzzles for players to solve, including those themed around animals, humans, and objects.

The last title out this week is Shawn Johnson's Gymnastics (500 DSi points, or $5). From Zoo Games, the title has players going for gold with 19-year-old Olympic silver medalist Johnson. Players will start as an amateur and work their way through challenges to make it to the world championships.

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