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Hang out and join our Q&A with editors Danny O’Dwyer and Justin Haywald today at 1:00pm PST.


Wednesday is the day where we wrangle two of our GameSpot staff members to sit down and spend some time chatting with you, our lifeblood. The staff members are selected for a video, article, or review that they have published. They then will sit in the comments section of their content and answer all the community questions they manage to get to. If you don’t have any questions you can simply stop by and say hello. We love reading your comments and are excited to take the time to sit and chat with you.


This week, Danny O’Dwyer is being featured for his ongoing video series, The Point. Danny has touched on dozens of interesting topics and this week we’re revisiting an old favorite, his thoughts on Nintendo. He asks if they should consider leaving the hardware market to someone else.

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Danny will be in the comments section at 1:00pm PST today to take your questions, comments, and feedback. Want to see more of The Point? The point goes live every Wednesday at 12:00pm PST be sure to subscribe to the show to receive notifications about the latest episode. [DANNY Q&A]


Nintendo has been the hot topic for the past couple of days because of recents news of their business model changes and news editor Justin Haywald had more than a few things to say about what Nintendo should do next.

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In a recent article titled “Is the Wii U really doomed? Exploring the pros and cons of Nintendo's next move?” Justin sat down with editor Tom Mc Shea to discuss some of the finer points about Nintendo's battle plan, including whether they should go mobile, go third party, or simply get rid of the gimmicks. This article was extremely popular and we are sure many of your questions have gone unanswered. Justin will be in the comments section of this article starting at 1:00pm PST to take your questions and feedback. [JUSTIN Q&A]

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