Spooky Adventure Game Oxenfree Heads to PS4, New Game Plus Coming to All Platforms

The adventure game is heading to PS4 with a New Game Plus mode and more.


Developer Night School Studio is bringing its narrative-driven debut title Oxenfree to PS4 on May 31, and those wanting to play it on console will be able to experience some unique features and a New Game Plus mode.

Night School's co-founder, Sean Krankel, announced the PS4 version on the PlayStation Blog, detailing the New Game Plus mode, which will make its way to Xbox One and PC on May 31. The new mode is a continuation of Oxenfree's story and features new locations and additional endings. After completing the story once, players can start another game and experience new dialogue and "a creeping sense of deja vu."

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"Fans have become so attached to Alex and her friends, so we created this New Game Plus mode to let them impact and continue her story in a crazy way that both deepens the experience and makes it highly replayable," said Krankel in a press release. "We want everyone to get lost in the world of Oxenfree for a long time."

Additionally, the PS4 version will see new features that utilize the DualShock 4's speaker and light bar by playing broadcasts through it and syncing the color glow respectively.

The PS4 will also receive a dynamic theme based on Oxenfree, which will feature a "dynamically evolving version of" the game's setting, Edwards Island. The scene will change based on the real time of the day. It'll be available on its own or in a bundle with the game.

Everyone who owns the game will get an in-game behind-the-scenes documentary series, featuring the process of Oxenfree's development from inception to release.

Oxenfree received a score of 8 in GameSpot's review, in which critic Alexa Ray Correia said, "I left Oxenfree feeling hollow and strained, emotionally spent yet excited to play again and uncover more of the mystery. It doesn't hammer you with platitudes about friendship and loss, but hands you a knot to untangle that rewards you at every success with an emotional gut punch."

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