Sponsor, broadcaster, prize pool, format and maps revealed for the 2014 Proleague

Proleague returns after a four month absensce!


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Proleague, the flag bearer of Starcraft competition in the past ten years will be returning with full force within the week as all the tournament's details have today been ironed out and revealed to the public.

SK Telecom, the owner of the most successful team in the tournament's history, will be sponsoring the event and will give away a total of 150.000$ total in prize money throughout the four rounds of the tournament. SK Telecom were also the sponsors of last season's Proleague competition, which the now disbanded STX SouL won.

The tournament's format being shown at the Proleague Media Day.
The tournament's format being shown at the Proleague Media Day.

As we reported a few days ago, OGN will not be partaking in the broadcasting of the event as the sole duty falls upon the Korean cable-only channel SPOTV Games and SPOTV2 at 19:00 KST every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Each match will be played at the newly constructed NEXON esports stadium, and will also be made available for viewers on Twitch.tv, afreeca.tv and YouTube. Wolf 'Wolf' Schröder and Brendan Valdez will be providing English commentary for the tournament.

The following teams have chosen to partake in this season of the Proleague:

Incredible Miracle
Jin-Air Green Wings
CJ Entus
KT Rolster
SK Telecom T1
Team MVP
Samsung Galaxy Khan

The format of each individual matchday will consist of a Proleague styled Bo5, each round is divided in to a round robin between all eight participating teams and there will be four rounds total throughout the entire season. At the end of every round, there will also be a playoff bracket between the top four teams in the group with a 15.000$ check awaiting the winner along with 81 Proleague points, which determines the seeding of the eventual Proleague grand finals which will commence at the end of the four month-duration of the four rounds.

Finally the map pool has also been finalized and the tournament will be bringing two new maps in to the competitive realm.

The list of maps are:

Ladder: Bel'Shir Vestige, Frost, Star Station, Yeonsu.

New Maps: Sejong Science Base, Outboxer.

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