Splitgate Will Have Forge Mode Before Halo Infinite, Dev Says

1047 Games says, "Sorry in advance Halo fans, we love you, but we had to."


The developer of the popular shooter Splitgate has said the game will get a Forge-style map editor mode before Halo Infinite does after 343 delayed the feature earlier this year.

Responding to a tweet from KFC's gaming account to "trigger an entire gaming fanbase with one sentence," the Splitgate account replied with a message about Forge. "Splitgate will have Forge mode before Halo Infinite. Sorry in advance Halo fans, we love you but we had to," the tweet said (via IGN).

Splitgate's Forge mode probably won't be called Forge, developer 1047 Games said in another tweet, but it will be a similar type of map editor. "Imagine placing portal pads anywhere you wanted on Olympus," the tweet said.

Halo is famous for its Forge map, which allows players to create all manner of custom game modes and maps, including Star Wars podracing and beer pong. Earlier this year, 343 Industries confirmed that Forge will not launch with Halo Infinite in December but is instead coming sometime later, alongside campaign co-op, which will also miss release and launch later in the future.

1047 Games went on to say that one of its goals with Splitgate is to "help bring back the Arena Shooter genre we loved growing up with." The studio added: "We're huge fans of classic Halo here at 1047 Games and are genuinely excited to see what Halo Infnite will bring back to the arena!"

In other news, 1047 Games recently raised $100 million to fund the ongoing development of Splitgate and to grow the team. The studio will use the money to help Splitgate have a "historic" launch when it comes out of beta.

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