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Splitgate Servers Continue To Suffer From The Game's Overwhelming Popularity

Splitgate continues to have server issues and long queue times as the developers try to increase server capacity.


Splitgate, an arena shooter that combines Halo-style gameplay with portals, continues to be too popular for its own good. In a recent tweet, 1047 Games said that the servers for the game were no longer down for maintenance and that it had banned a number of people for using queue skipping programs. While the maintenance did increase the server capacity, the game still has very long queue times to get into the servers.

1047 made another tweet shortly afterward, making a joke about how we would live in a utopia if the Splitgate servers worked properly. While the studio hasn't given an update on queue times today, as of August 3 it was an over 100 minute wait time to get into the servers. Splitgate is still currently in beta and is set to fully release sometime this month after the congested servers are dealt with using a $10 million investment from a venture capital firm.

It does seem as though server queue times are improving though. At the time of writing this article, it took a little over 30 minutes to get into the game on Xbox Series X. 1047 Games said on Twitter that the goal is to increase server capacity to over 100,000 players.

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