Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher Teased For New Ghost Recon Wildlands Update

Michael Ironside seems to be back as Sam Fisher.


Ubisoft recently confirmed plans for a second year of content for Ghost Recon Wildlands. Now, we have an idea of an exciting addition that may be coming in one of those future updates: some kind of appearance by Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher.

A new teaser trailer has been released that features Fisher speaking about heading to Bolivia, the setting of Wildlands. It also references his relationship with the game's Ghosts, the squad of playable characters. We don't actually hear Fisher's name used, but the silhouette--and accompanying night-vision goggles--leave little doubt about who we're looking at.

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Notably, the voice seems to be that of Michael Ironside, the longtime voice actor for Fisher. Ironside was absent from the most recent game, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, with Eric Johnson taking over the role. What this means, if anything, for future Splinter Cell games is unclear.

The teaser video concludes by saying more information will be shared on Monday, April 9, so we don't have long to wait to find out exactly what Fisher's role in Wildlands will be. We know a new update is coming to the game on April 10, but only its additions to Ghost War have been detailed. Each of the four major updates for Wildlands in Year 2 will carry some kind of theme, and perhaps this one will be centered around Splinter Cell. Ubisoft previously offered a Wildlands crossover event with the limited-time Predator update.

Blacklist was released in 2013 and is the latest game in the Splinter Cell series. There's been no official word about a sequel (or a remaster), though Ubisoft's CEO did tease Splinter Cell news of some kind last year. Meanwhile, a Splinter Cell movie starring Tom Hardy is in the works.

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