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Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher Comes To Ghost Recon Wildlands Update This Week

Sam Fisher is back, though he's not playable.


As was more than subtly hinted at in a recent teaser, Splinter Cell protagonist Sam Fisher is officially set to make an appearance in Ghost Recon Wildlands. The first big update of Year 2, Special Operation I, launches soon and will include a special mission featuring Fisher.

In announcing that Wildlands will receive a second year of free updates, Ubisoft said that each of the major Special Operation updates would have a theme. Splinter Cell is the theme of this first Year 2 content drop, which is exciting on its own, but most notable is that Fisher is voiced by Michael Ironside. Ironside is the original voice actor for the character, but he wasn't featured in the most recent Splinter Cell game, 2013's Blacklist.

The special crossover mission sees Fisher come to Bolivia to hunt down someone who has stolen something from the CIA. He'll turn to the Ghosts for support, and you can play either on your own or in four-player co-op in "one of the most difficult missions the Ghosts have ever faced. The nighttime stealth mission will require players to use all the tools at their disposal to succeed."

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By finishing the mission, you'll receive exclusive rewards, including Sam's goggle, a night-vision filter, and other, unspecified goodies. The mission itself will be permanently added as part of Special Operations I, but you'll have to complete it before the special challenge concludes on May 16 to get the rewards. Separately from those rewards, Ubisoft is releasing the Splinter Cell Gear Pack, which consists of new weapons and customization items.

On the Ghost War side, Wildlands' PvP add the Sabotage mode and Echelon assault class. Ubisoft describes it as "a part of Sam Fisher’s Fourth Echelon team, and therefore has access to high-tech equipment as well as the Sonar Pulse ability that allows him to see enemies behind walls at short range and gain tactical advantage over the opposing team." It will be initially available to those with the Year 2 pass or by purchasing it with Prestige points.

Special Operation I releases for free on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on April 10. Those who have not yet purchased the game will be able to try it for free this weekend, as a free event will run on all platforms from April 12-15.

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