Splinter Cell: Conviction locks up 250GB Xbox 360 bundle

Ubisoft's long-awaited stealth actioner picks up $399 hardware, software, two-controller package, due early April in NA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand.


Gamers may have been skeptical early last month when Ubisoft attached an April 13 release date to its long-percolating return of Sam Fisher in Splinter Cell: Conviction, considering the sheer quantity of delays the game has seen. However, adding a little more security to the game's debut next month, Microsoft today announced that the game's launch will be accompanied by an Xbox 360 hardware bundle.

Splinter Cell is getting locked up in an Xbox 360 bundle.
Splinter Cell is getting locked up in an Xbox 360 bundle.

The Splinter Cell: Conviction Special Edition Bundle will include a copy of Ubisoft's stealth action adventure, as well as a 250GB-equipped black console and two black wireless controllers. The bundle will be available in North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand in "early April" for $399. Microsoft has not released the 250GB hard drive as a stand-alone purchase, saying in September that it has "no plans" to do so in the future.

However, beginning with November's launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Microsoft has been keen on pairing some of the Xbox 360's biggest releases with a 250GB console. Most recently, Microsoft announced a 250GB bundle for Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIII, the only hardware-software combo package the one-time PlayStation 3-exclusive will receive outside Japan.

Conviction is set two years after Splinter Cell: Double Agent, which saw series hero Sam Fisher become a fugitive from the FBI, NSA, and an alphabet soup of other agencies. In the course of investigating his daughter's death, the now-grizzled Fisher discovered that his former employer, the covert organization Third Echelon, has double-crossed him. Avoiding capture, he travels to Washington, DC, to uncover the conspiracy that led to his undeserved disgrace.

For more information, check out GameSpot's previous coverage of Splinter Cell: Conviction.

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Avatar image for AceCometh

Got this bundle and love it.

Avatar image for BLuFAlc0n

...now I see why this game is exclusive on 360. Looks like it's going to be: Metal Gear Solid 4 vs Splinter Cell: Conviction

Avatar image for DaNubianPryns

Well, it seems it's about time for me to pick up a 360. I'll definitely be getting the bundle on April 13!

Avatar image for infinitecrysis

As stated before in these comments. The HDD on the 360 can cost you much less than that which Microsoft is charging. Seeing as how it is a SATA hard drive, you can get a 1TB (that's 1000 GB for anyone who's not up on the lingo) for less than $150. You can also use an external SATA HDD and just plug it into the port if you really wanted to. The choice is yours, but these bundles are only for people who don't have one already or people who decide that spending $400 to get the whole console is somehow cheaper than $150 and then $60 for the game. Last time I checked my math $210 is a smaller denomination than $400 is. Not to mention that most of not all people have at least two controllers already for their system. @advaracer Why would you spend the $400 for this bundle? I'm assuming you already still have the HDD, cables and anything else needed to play a 360. Why wouldn't you just buy an Arcade or a second hand one. Arcade goes for $130ish depending where you get it and if they have it as a sale price or not or probably $50-100 for a second hand one. Just my opinion but it's a complete waste of money unless you do NOT have a 360 or any necessary components for it.

Avatar image for advanracer

ahh..perfect. i need a replacement. just red ringed my elite this week. gow 3's gona keep me occupied till this bundle of goods comes out.

Avatar image for turkeylegs123

a splinter cell conviction x box man i bought hte mw2 one

Avatar image for guile_charlie

@metroid24; You said, and I quote, "there arnt no 400 gb hdd harddrives". So many things wrong with that statement. 1st, the way you type makes me wonder if you're even older than 9. 2nd, the link below DIRECTS you to a 400GB laptop HDD for only $89.99, that just proves that you can't do research and simply rely on pulling 'facts' out of your ass. Just to remind you, since you're only 9, 400GB is more than 250GB, and $90 is cheaper than $150. 3rd, 360 uses laptop HDDs, which are the same types of drive used on the PS3! Lo and behold, you can actually change the PS3 HDD to any laptop HDD you want as long as it fits in bay, wow! 4th,since you're only 9, HDD stands for Hard Disk Drive (which is a hard drive), so you don't have to say hdd hard drive. Redundancy (look it up). These bundles are for; 1. Idiots who are willing to buy a brand new console to get slightly more space. 2. People who don't already own a 360. << LINK REMOVED >> You should not talk about something if you don't know what the hell you're talking about.

Avatar image for KelpsterD

@pete5506 Only 2 games have this year. and they are games that are extremely popular. the dev teams and microsoft know that they will sell extremely well so they bundle them to make some extra money.

Avatar image for PixelAddict

Can't wait for this game, but why doesn't the console have special artwork? Maybe Gamestop will offer a free Splinter Cell Conviction faceplate like they are doing with the Final Fantasy bundle? That's good, because then you can swap back to the original, black faceplate when you grow tired of the game's faceplate. Also good because it's freeeeee.

Avatar image for Pete5506

Why dose every game that comes out on the 360 get a bundle package?

Avatar image for Bashers79

If you go over to the GS Xbox 360 page there's an article about leaked info on MS releasing a stand alone 250 GB hard drive. I think they need to put an edit into this article to reflect that. Also, I love the way people are getting hot under the collar about MS using bundles in an attempt to sell more consoles. I mean, come on, its not as if they're in the gaming industry to make money now are they. HUH! ridiculous.

Avatar image for gamer082009

So funny because all those 360 hard drives are basically laptop drives overpriced. Microsoft uses the excuse that the software on the hard drives or something like that causes the price to be more than expected. It's bologna!!

Avatar image for metroid24

@zzmaro u r so wrong im talking 360 harddrives not desktop drives so so called evidence is thrown out and as far as the pc world i dont trust them as far as i can throw them sorry provide really evidence

Avatar image for monson21502

this and ff13 bundles wont sell as well as the halo3 or mw2 bundles. because they wont have designs on them or a new color. but they are better deals because you get 2 controllers and the said game plus the 250 gig hd for only 100 more then the elites that are out now. so these bundles will sell but not as fast as they could with the featured game`s design on it.

Avatar image for DarthPanama3

Apr 13th cant get here soon enough!!!!!

Avatar image for raptor1906

This game is being released on the first day school commences after a two week holiday.........sucks for me

Avatar image for mf1986

some games sell hardware well, i think this is gona be one. i will wait for the ps3 version. im sure there will be a ps3 version b4 xmas.

Avatar image for Lsquare13

Finally the games release date is secure

Avatar image for zzamaro

@metroid24 also, microsoft makes you think HDD are expensive, that's false << LINK REMOVED >>

Avatar image for zzamaro

@metroid24 your comment FAILS, you didn't put a link so i'll GIVE YOU proof HDD is NOT so expensive, even okassar(user below) said it: << LINK REMOVED >>

Avatar image for metroid24

zzamro there arnt no 400 gb hdd harddrives and true the arcade is cheaper but u have to buy headset hd componets harddrive while the ff13 and splintercell comes with that plus 2 controllers 50 bucks apop 250 gb hdd harddrive 150.00 headset 15.00 hd coponet cables 30.00-35.00 game 64.00=509.00 so you r getting a hell of a deal sorry zzamaro xbox hdd arnt cheap and this is a hell of a deal

Avatar image for SuprSaiyanRockr

"Microsoft has not released the 250GB hard drive as a stand-alone purchase, saying in September that it has "no plans" to do so in the future." DAMMIT MICROSOFT! I already have a console! I don't want to buy another one to get a bigger HDD.

Avatar image for Petercairns

No art on the xbox..??

Avatar image for DEATH775

I might buy this for my brother.

Avatar image for zzamaro

@okassar You're right. People don't know HDD aren't that expensive. I have to ask: Is there any difference between the PS3 HDD and the X360 HDD? Because a 400GB for the PS3 costs around $80. About the bundle, I think it's a rip-off, just like the ff13 bundle: XBOX arcade with controller included: $199.99 2nd controller: $39.99, it got a price drop game: $59.99 HDD: 400GB for $80, less for the $250GB don't know if it includes something else total: $380, I rounded it.

Avatar image for mikeskullx2004

Can't wait for the Clash of the Titans Movie Game Zeus bundle with the 500GB HDD. $499 price tag should about do it.

Avatar image for metalkid9

I'll wait till the day that the 250GB hard drive is $60 or less. Until then I'll stick to my 20GB 360 which sounds like a vacuum cleaner and keep deleting content to add content. The games I play the most I install on the hard drive so it's not so loud to play. It also increases the FPS.

Avatar image for Dante2710

I rather see a less expensive hard drive for the 360.

Avatar image for lamprey263

man, I hope they start selling 250GB HDDs... cheaply

Avatar image for UnknownForm

Can't wait to pick up this game!:)

Avatar image for metroid24

thats just good buisness zaza plus its great 4 us xbox fans thought i find it funny thay r releasesing 2 bundles a week apart the ff13 and sc but that just means more people enkoy the greatness of the 360

Avatar image for prioritymail

This would be news if the console had a unique paint job...

Avatar image for Zazabar11

Does every new game need a damn bundle pack?

Avatar image for inaka_rob

sweet. My (2nd) 360 RRODed for 10th and final time right around the time the COD xbox bundle came out. I am loving the COD colors, 250gb hard drive, and the value. I didn't realize how worn out my old controllers were until I got two brand new ones. This should be a sweet 360 also. Thank god the new elites are more reliable

Avatar image for Wingman1977

I had sold both my ps3 and 360 and now I got a ps3 again. This could be the bundle that makes me get a 360 again (even though I think the 360 turned kiddy with the stupid avatar nonsense). I wonder if they'll do some design for the console (as was done to the MW2 bundle).

Avatar image for iwantapepsi

cant wait

Avatar image for WizengamotX

What mother-board is used for the 250GB XBox 360?

Avatar image for brian_13un


Avatar image for Gothic-360

I really want to play this game..

Avatar image for metroid24

busdriver the ff13 bundle thay did customize it on the harddrive and the side plus u get a limited faceplate that they r only makeing a fewthousend of than stopping them so thats art 4 ya

Avatar image for metroid24

man what a grat deal dont lisen to pizza man after u buy this bundle u save 80 bucks to some of u u might say 80 bucks aint much but to me it is microsoft is thinkin smart as always keep it up MS

Avatar image for SDBusDriver1979

These bundles are awesome for what you get but its frustrating if M$ is going to keep on releasing these bundles with their games and not have any art work or a color scheme to the system itself. Its why the Final Fantasy XIII bundle isn't even an option because its just a regular system inside. It doesn't need to be too fancy but something simple like the color scheme of red and black for the RE5 bundle was great. s @Pizzaman103 These bundles do sale. Working retail, the Halo, RE5, MW2 bundles were all sold out within the month, so I imagine they do make a great deal amount of money off of it or they wouldn't do it. Granted they had the special graphics on it, so it will be interesting to see if the FF13 and SC bundle will sell as fast.

Avatar image for y2kern

nice bundle makes you contemplate on buying a new 360. The 250gb hard drive would come in very handy.

Avatar image for Pizzaman103

If they don't put some kind of special graphics on the console than this is a complete waste of time. M$ needs to stop being so greedy and release a frikkin 250GB hard drive separately (I have a 120GBHD and I'm down to 12 GB left. Yes - that memory does get used). Are they really making great bundle sales? And my God the price is redonkulous - well, unless you don't own a 360 yet. Does this not even come with a headset?

Avatar image for shaddix55

this game is being released on my birthday :)

Avatar image for okassar

Why doesn't Microsoft make 250 GB part of the regular system bundle already... Memory is getting real cheap now anyway, they might as well, it would cost like 6 dollars more to make each system, no joke.

Avatar image for OmegaGear

Damn, MS really likes having limited edition bundles lately. Seem,s to work out for them to pack in big ticket new releases instead of old classics that no one buys anymore.

Avatar image for hoossy

Right on, I have been looking for an excuse to pick a 360 up.... here it is!

Avatar image for monson21502

not to bad of a bundle. but 350 price would be alot better

Avatar image for WTFitsPauL

M$ at its best... tsk tsk tsk....

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