Splinter Cell confirmed for the PS2, GameCube, and GBA

Ubi Soft announces that it will release its best-selling stealth-based action game on three more platforms by spring 2003. First PS2 screens inside.


Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Though it's been known for quite some time, Ubi Soft Entertainment has today confirmed that it will release versions of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell for the PlayStation 2, GameCube, and Game Boy Advance by spring 2003. A PC version of the game is already scheduled for release later this month, while the Xbox version released in November last year has to date sold more than a million units in North America alone.

In Splinter Cell, players assume the role of Sam Fisher, a National Security Agency operative charged with single-handedly preventing terrorist activities from escalating into a war by conducting covert missions at locations all over the world. A modern-day ninja of sorts, Fisher is equipped with all manner of weapons and gadgets, although does not always have permission (or the need) to put them to use.

"With its all-around stupendous reviews and now its record sales, Splinter Cell is blazing a trail the likes of which the industry has rarely seen," said Yves Guillemot, president and CEO of Ubi Soft Entertainment. "We are eager to take the runaway success of this game to an even wider audience."

For further information on Splinter Cell, check out our PC version of the Xbox version.

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