Splinter Cell Audio Series Premieres Today

Get ready to experience your favorite video game franchise, but only with your ears.


Ubisoft's popular stealth-action series Splinter Cell has finally made its return December 2 via an eight-episode BBC Radio series starring Will Poulter. The series will air on BBC Radio 4 every Friday for the next eight weeks, and you can check out the game studio's announcement here.

A synopsis reads: "In this all-new story, based on Jam Swallow's novel published by Aconyte Books in 2022, Sam Fisher is recruiting new operatives for the NSA's secret Fourth Echelon, among them his own daughter, Sarah Fisher, but an assassin from his past returns from the dead and threatens global security. Now, Sam and Sarah have to work together to neutralize dangerous, technologically advanced cyberwarfare technology developed by villain Brody Teague--whatever the cost."

Michael Ironside will not be returning to lend his voice to super-spy Sam Fisher. Instead, the spy will be played by Andonis Anthony--likely best known for his work on British radio series The Archers. Anthony is joined by Will Poulter, Daisy Head, Rosalie Craig, Sacha Dhawan, and Nikesh Patel.

Although a widely beloved franchise, Splinter Cell hasn't seen further installments in the series released since 2013, although a remake of the first game and a VR version have since been announced. The original Splinter Cell, first released in 2002, introduced us to Sam Fisher, a special-operations agent with the NSA secretive Third Echelon. A former Navy SEAL, Fisher's dry sense of humor--and Ironside's voice acting--made him an iconic character from the very start. Thus far, Sam Fisher has starred in six mainline Splinter Cell games alongside appearances in the Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six series.

An anime series helmed by John Wick creator Derek Kolstad is also in the works. A film starring Tom Hardy was announced years ago but has remained unproduced.

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