Splinter Cell Agent Sam Fisher Comes To Rainbow Six Siege, Full Reveal Today

The star of the Splinter Cell series, which has been quiet for years, will be a playable character in another Tom Clancy series.


Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher is coming to Rainbow Six Siege as a playable operator in the Operation Shadow Legacy update for Season 3 of Year 5. The crossover sees a character from one Tom Clancy series joining another, and while we don't know much about how he'll play just yet, we'll be learning much more very soon. Sam looks younger than he has before, and he is quite a bit more muscular than the version we've seen in his own games. It's another game featuring the character that isn't Splinter Cell. [Update: Ubisoft has detailed Sam Fisher and the Shadow Legacy update for Siege.]

Each operator in Siege has their own distinct gadgets that make them unique, but what Fisher comes equipped with has not yet been revealed. The teaser trailer below may feature some hints as to what to expect; we see night vision kick in at one point, although Fisher himself is not wearing his signature goggles. However, an accompanying piece of key art does show those trademark green dots on his forehead, with light pouring in through three holes in the floor. That's likely to tie into whatever he brings to the table in the game. Toward the end of the teaser trailer, we see that his operator name will apparently be "Zero" in Siege.

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Sam Fisher Rainbow Six Siege key art
Sam Fisher Rainbow Six Siege key art

A full reveal for Shadow Legacy is planned for today, August 16, during Siege's North American Mini Major Finals. Those will be streamed on the Rainbow Six Twitch account. Although new Siege seasons typically include two new characters, Ubisoft previously confirmed in its Year 5 roadmap that only one new operator is coming in Season 3. As such, Fisher will be the only new operator introduced in this update. He looks far larger than in the past, with added muscle that could make it a little hard to be a stealth master.

While certainly exciting, the addition of Fisher may come as somewhat bittersweet for Splinter Cell fans. The series has been dormant for years now, with the last core game being 2013's Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Fisher has popped up since then, most notably in mobile game Tom Clancy's Elite Squad and as part of an update in yet another Tom Clancy game, Ghost Recon Breakpoint (following his appearance in Ghost Recon Wildlands). Ubisoft has suggested that the Splinter Cell series is not dead, but it has not announced any firm plans for a new entry. Instead, we know there is an anime series in the works for Netflix. While perhaps not fans' first choice for a revival, it's being executive produced by John Wick writer and creator Derek Kolstad.

This story has been corrected to note that only one new operator is expected in Season 3. Thanks, Lucina!

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