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Splinter Cell 1 Now Free on PC, Here's How to Get It

Ubisoft giving away the 2002 game as part of its 30th anniversary celebration.


Right on schedule, the 2002 original Splinter Cell game is now free on PC as part of Ubisoft's 30th anniversary celebration.

All you have to do to claim your game is head over to the Ubi 30 page and click "Get the Game Now." You'll need to sign into Uplay to add the game to your library.

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Splinter Cell, like Prince of Persia: Sands of Time before it, will be available for free for 30 days; after you've download it, it's yours forever.

If you're not interested in Splinter Cell, the good news is that five more free Ubisoft games are coming. One game will be released through Uplay every month through the end of 2016. August's game has not been revealed yet, but the announcement should come in "mid-August."

Ubisoft is also giving away DLC for The Division as part of its 30th anniversary celebration.

Splinter Cell, the first game in what would become a series, launched in 2002 for PC and Xbox, before coming to PS2 and GameCube later. 2013's Splinter Cell: Blacklist is the latest entry in the series.

A Splinter Cell movie starring The Dark Knight Rises and The Revenant's Tom Hardy is also on the way, directed by Bourne veteran Doug Liman.

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