Splatoon Adds Two More Weapons Ahead of First Splatfest Event

Splatoon's arsenal grows even further.


Prior to the first Splatfest event in North America next week, Nintendo is today delivering two new weapons to Splatoon's multiplayer mode.

The first of these new weapons is the Carbon Roller, which, as the name might suggest, bears a strong resemblance to the existing Splat Roller. According to the official Splatoon blog, the Carbon Roller excels in terms of mobility. Its fling attack has limited range, but you'll have access to Burst Bombs and the Inkzooka while using it.

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Today's other new weapon is the Custom Dual Squelcher; Nintendo says it features both a high rate-of-fire and range. With it equipped, you'll be able to use Squid Beakons and the Killer Wail.

Both new weapon sets will be added to the game tonight at the usual time of 7 PM PT. That's the same point that we've seen new content introduced to the game previously, including a number of additional weapons.

Today's update comes about a week prior to the first North American Splatfest event. This is a special in-game event where matches take place in levels set at night with lights adorning them. The first Splatfest was supposed to take place back on June 20, but was delayed due to technical issues. Now, it will kick off on July 4 at 12:00 AM PT and run for 24 hours, ending at 11:59 PM PT.

Splatoon has gotten off to a strong start at retail, as we recently learned it's sold more than one million units worldwide since its launch in late May.

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That gun is looking pimp. Loving that green hat though, i need that one.

Avatar image for bunchanumbers

Loving Splatoon so much! But where is the love for the ink brush? We need more ink brushes in there. Preferably one that shoots out lots of ink when you swing it.

Avatar image for zeldafan195

I hope they start adding more maps instead of weapons. The amount of maps is the only thing that's really lacking in Splatoon (besides VC).

Avatar image for JoSilver

@zeldafan195: Well they've so far been consistently adding more maps so yeah there are more on the way.

Avatar image for BrunoBRS

@zeldafan195: well, maps take considerably more effort to be made, especially if they go the asymetric route

Avatar image for firestonex

@BrunoBRS: actually the maps are already made and on the disc, they are just unlocking them periodically to give the game longevity and keep interest high.

Avatar image for buzzoinks

@firestonex: You have proof of this? If true, it doesn't preclude tru dlc either.

Avatar image for BrunoBRS

@firestonex: finding data on-disc is far from meaning it's done. clearly there is work already underway, but it's not necessarily complete. like, it's not necessarily the final version of the map in there.

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I just WRECK FACE in this game. I love this game but g'dammit please give us team voice chat.

Avatar image for Yomigaeru

@elheber: We'll probably never get voice chat in this game, since the devs have been opposed to it from the start.

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I didn't know Splatfest is gonna be night themed. I'm even more excited now.

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Reading the article, it says that it trades offense for mobility. Not the same at all.

Avatar image for JustPlainLucas

I love how it's a "new" weapon, yet it's exactly the same but with different subset weapons...

Avatar image for ZIMdoom

@JustPlainLucas: So far none of the weapons have been "exactly the same". Granted, the stat tweaks are arguably small, but they still aren't exactly the same as the originals.

Avatar image for 7evenpoint

@ZIMdoom: Thats not true. All of the 'custom' weapons are duplicates of whatever they are copies of. They only have different sub weapons.

Avatar image for ZIMdoom

@7evenpoint: True, I missed that the Squelcher was a custom. Those have the same stats, but the Carbon Roller has tweaked stats.

Avatar image for JoSilver

@7evenpoint: How ever such a seemly small change drastically changes your play style with same exact weapon.

Avatar image for ZIMdoom

@JoSilver: You would probably be surprised. With such a fast-paced, action-pushing game and the fact that the game modes are so much different from standard shooters, small tweaks (combined with the sub-weapons) encourage different tactics. There are already people online saying the Carbon roller is noticeably worse than other rollers if people are shooting at you, but quite a bit better if you rely on the shotgun-like splat. Especially if you climb up high and use that splat more like a highly powered sniper rifle with shotgun abilitites. So people have noticed a very definite difference.

I think that is what people don't understand about the genius of Splatoon. Simply changing the concept from "kills" to area control makes a massive difference in gameplay and strategy and also seems to encourage much faster and action-oriented gameplay.

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It bears repeating: Free DLC. What a concept... (smile)

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@cajunstrike: But it's not DLC. I can't believe people are still confused by this... The maps and weapons are all ON DISC. Nintendo is just unlocking them periodically to keep interest in the game high and keep people coming back.

Don't get me wrong, I think it is a great strategy, but I wish people would stop confusing this business decision with free DLC.

Avatar image for ZIMdoom

@firestonex: Yes. However, I believe the update in August is supposed to add new content for free. Beyond that, who knows what will happen. Maybe there will be more free DLC, especially if sales stay strong, or maybe there will be pay DLC only at that point. The problem is that once Nintendo starts releasing paid DLC, it could have a big impact on the game as a whole as suddenly they have to segregate players based on content.