Splatoon Adds Two More Weapons Ahead of First Splatfest Event

Splatoon's arsenal grows even further.


Prior to the first Splatfest event in North America next week, Nintendo is today delivering two new weapons to Splatoon's multiplayer mode.

The first of these new weapons is the Carbon Roller, which, as the name might suggest, bears a strong resemblance to the existing Splat Roller. According to the official Splatoon blog, the Carbon Roller excels in terms of mobility. Its fling attack has limited range, but you'll have access to Burst Bombs and the Inkzooka while using it.

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Today's other new weapon is the Custom Dual Squelcher; Nintendo says it features both a high rate-of-fire and range. With it equipped, you'll be able to use Squid Beakons and the Killer Wail.

Both new weapon sets will be added to the game tonight at the usual time of 7 PM PT. That's the same point that we've seen new content introduced to the game previously, including a number of additional weapons.

Today's update comes about a week prior to the first North American Splatfest event. This is a special in-game event where matches take place in levels set at night with lights adorning them. The first Splatfest was supposed to take place back on June 20, but was delayed due to technical issues. Now, it will kick off on July 4 at 12:00 AM PT and run for 24 hours, ending at 11:59 PM PT.

Splatoon has gotten off to a strong start at retail, as we recently learned it's sold more than one million units worldwide since its launch in late May.

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