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Splatoon 3 Amiibo Figures And "Large-Scale" Paid DLC Are On The Way

Nintendo plans to release new weapons and modes for Splatoon 3 over the next two years.


As part of the latest Nintendo Direct, which was focused entirely on the upcoming Switch shooter Splatoon 3, we learned more about Nintendo's plans for post-launch content, as well as a line of Amiibo figures to tie in with the game.

On the Amiibo front, three new figures were revealed during the broadcast. One features the likeness of a blue Octoling, another is a yellow Inkling, and a Smallfry. They're coming this holiday for $16 each. Whichever one you pick up will include the same functionality (other than adorning your shelf, that is). You'll be able to save your gear loadouts to the figure, unlock special gear, and add them to photos you take in-game.

As for post-launch content, at least two years of updates are planned. Every three months, a new in-game catalog will be released, introducing new weapons and other content. Two new modes, X Battle (access to which requires you to earn a high rank in Anarchy Battle) and League Battle, will both be added at some point after Splatoon 3 releases. Perhaps more notably, Nintendo promised that "large-scale" paid DLC is planned, although there were no details offered on what it will consist of.

Most updates to the first two Splatoon games were released for free, but a $20 DLC pack, the Octo Expansion, was released for Splatoon 2 that added a bunch of single-player story missions. That DLC later became a free perk for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscribers, but it's unclear if the same will be true for any of Splatoon 3's DLC.

Splatoon 3 releases for Nintendo Switch on September 9.

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