Splatoon 2's Next Splatfest Will Finally Settle An Age-Old Dispute

How do you hang your toilet roll?


Splatoon 2

Nintendo of Europe has announced the date and theme for the next Splatfest event in Splatoon 2. The competition takes place the first full weekend of October and asks the most important question yet: how do you hang your roll of toilet paper?

The Splatfest kicks off on October 7 at 4 PM CEST/3 PM BST and runs for a full 24 hours. As before, to take part in the event head to the polling booth in Inkopolis Square once it appears in-game and vote for which side you support.

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Nintendo still hasn't announced the theme for North America's next Splatfest, but the previous events have thus far been the same across the two regions. The most recent competition took place the first weekend of September and asked players which superpower they would rather have: flight or invisibility. Japan, however, typically receives its own special Splatfest theme; its most recent competition pit McDonald's fries against chicken nuggets.

The next free DLC weapon in Splatoon 2 is now available. Unlike the recent string of returning guns, this week adds another new umbrella-class weapon to the game: the Tenta Brella. This variant has a slower firing rate than the standard Splat Brella, but it packs a lot more power and opens up much wider, as you can see in the screenshots below.

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The Tenta Brella comes outfitted with the Squid Beakon sub weapon, which allows you to Super Jump to wherever the Beakon is placed. Its special is the recently added Bubble Blower ability. You can pick up the Tenta Brella using your in-game currency from the Ammo Knights weapon shop.

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I think it is code for....

Avatar image for dr_vancouver

Back is correct. You know how I can prove that? Cuz the majority of people say front, that's how you know it's wrong! To the front rollers, y'know it's much easier to one-handed rip off when it's back slung right? Try it out, it'll change your life :)

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Oh god I don’t care what team is more popular but I’m picking front facing roll. My Soon to be ex girlfriend flips the roll to the back and it’s so f’n annoying!

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@skot_free: LOL right on, is that why you're breaking up?

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Personally I just put the roll on, either way it's just going to wipe my arse. However, I have noticed this to be an actual problem in some houses.

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Which girl is representing which? Because front roll is the obvious choice, but if Marina is on the back roll side, a lot of folks are going to go in the crazy direction.

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Worst splatfest ever.

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@Litchie: oh this one could have been worse.....Wipe your Butt to the front or wipe towards the back? Lol

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@Litchie: oh this one could have been worse.....Wipe your ass to the front or wipe towards the back? Lol

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Front Roll. The only acceptable excuse for back roll is if you own mean cats who like to unravel the toilet paper.

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Front roll everyday! If i go to house that has it back rolled i change it to the correct way lol. It just doesn't feel right back roll

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Oh for f***s sake, this is just getting dumb now. ...Its obviously Front Roll! Only reason to back roll is if u have a cat that likes spilling the paper down (saw it in a vid once). That's the ONLY reason.

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I have a spiked bat specifically meant for back rollers.

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There are two kinds of people in this world:

1) Those who front roll their toilet paper.

2) Monsters.

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What heathen back rolls >=I xD

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The real story here is that anyone does back roll

Avatar image for Jarten

I prefer having my toilet paper Frontroll myself. To each their own though.

Avatar image for neurogia

Backroll is exactly that...backwards.

However, there are people out there that like doing things backwards all the time.

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@neurogia: I do things upside down. Or upside down and backwards at the same time for added challenge! Like any real risk addict! And a life of risk can't start right without a toilet roll not being backwards!

However, I always put it front when wanting an easy time.

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@kaminobenimizu: get out of here you backrolling piece of shit

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@moviespot: Wipe me like you wipe them French girls!

Wait a minute...

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Like any real hipster, I do back rolls. I am allergic to mainstream.

*Goes away on rollers because segways are too mainstream in the hipster community*

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@kaminobenimizu: If you want to be a hipster you don't use tissue, you get a washlet. Washlets are the future. This TP over/under is just a distraction for the plebs so all the woke people can go out and get their washlets. Get woke! Get a washlet! Japan can I get a witness? We must civilize the west!

Everyone else, get washlets or remain unsavory feral beasts! For god's sake get the pre-misting kind so your poop don't stick to the bowl after you flush!

Avatar image for kaminobenimizu

@girlusocrazy: Washlets are so expensive! Getting expensive things is mainstream in the hipster community!

But at the same time, using toilet paper IS mainstream as well.

*Hipster problems *

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@kaminobenimizu: Get that $80 one off Amazon that attaches under your already existing seat.


You can get a very good complete washlet/seat combo for $250+ and worth every m******** penny. It will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Guaranteed.

Hipsters can get the $20 "portable washlet" which is basically a water gun. Actually just buy a mini super soaker. That seems like a hipster solution.

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@girlusocrazy: Shooting a water gun up my bum seems socially edgy. I'll take it!

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@kaminobenimizu: Yes!!

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Won't somebody please think of the children!!!

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Front roll. Back roll stupid because you gotta reach under, which is inconvenient when standing up, and even if you're sitting you still gotta pull the paper away from the wall to get a grip on it. Front roll is already hanging down and ready to grasp.

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@girlusocrazy: Funny they took such an obvious issue.

Back roll is for lazy idiots who don't think about things before they do them.

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@Raidendude153: At least it will help us identify those who need to be re-educated.

Anyway the facts are already in: http://bit.ly/2wpkrva

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@girlusocrazy: It's obvious that it's supposed to be placed as back roll.

1- It's easier to cut since all you've gotta do is pull up your hand and the tiles will cut against the roll;

2- It's more hygienic since the tiles won't touch the wall;

3- If you have cats, it's a no-brainer to use it like that anyways;

4- The credibility of that infographic dies with information like Celebrity Endorsement and Personality Traits;


"(...) which is inconvenient when standing up"

Why would you stand up to do that????


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@Reuwsaat: if you are so weak you can’t tear Toilet paper unless you pin it against tile then I don’t know what to say.

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@Reuwsaat: if you are so weak you can’t tear Toilet paper unless you pin it against tile then I don’t know what to say.

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@skot_free: Why invest strength in the first place, you pull it up underneath the roll and it cuts for you, JUSTLIKEMAGIC™

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@Reuwsaat: get out of here you backrolling piece of shit

Avatar image for Reuwsaat

@moviespot: you first, friend!

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@Reuwsaat: 1. Pull up makes no sense, half the time you just unravel it more. No, you pull horizontally.

2. Aren't the tiles part of the wall? If you mean the tissue squares, if you get them Costco rolls they always touch the walls.

3. I have never seen a cat do this except in commercials. Kids however do it no matter what way it is.

4. That shit was a joke son, you could tell because they showed some people preferring back roll, which is literally impossible. Evidence: You yourself defy all logic and reality and must have been spawned here to gather garmonbozia.

You'd stand up to pee, or also to wet that TP to properly wipe your ass after a shit. How you plan on using the sink while sitting down? Do you just ignore this step and leave an itchy crust so you can have snacks for later? I don't get you man.

Protip: http://www.howtowipeyourbutt.com

However don't be an idiot and use wet wipes. That just clogs the pipes or septic tanks. You cannot flush wet wipes. The fact that they are constantly wet in the container and yet do not disintegrate is a big clue. Don't flush them! Just wet your damn toilet tissue.

Avatar image for skot_free

@girlusocrazy: as for #3 my Dog once while we were away grabbed the toilet paper and unralved it and ran around the house. So it can happen.

Avatar image for Reuwsaat

@girlusocrazy: U wot m8

1- How would you even pull it horizontally? Your roll is probably located somewhere bizzare on the wall!

2- Costco doesn't even exist here lol mine doesn't touch the wall and I haven't been to a bathroom where it did, so no idea how else it could be

3- All my cats did those little f*ckers, you're in a dire need of a release and you walk in to that mess you'll sure as hell remember not to leave it front again.

4- I cannot fathom why a front roll could be a better option, it touches the wall, you must use your hands to cut the tiles and odds are it's going to rip through the squares before it messing the paper up.

What the hellll why would I use a sink man, what the hellllll this doesn't make any sense, you wipe it with the TP and then wash your hands, that's the drill!

And you FLUSH the TP??? Why don't you put it in a bin with a plastic bag you beast, you're cloggin' the sewers every time you do that!

Avatar image for girlusocrazy

@Reuwsaat: 1 - Elementary my good man, simply grab at left or right edge and then yank it across towards the opposite edge

2 - So get those PC or Walmart big rolls, you're wasting money otherwise. Then again if you don't have a washlet you probably wasting a lot of money already

3 - close the damn door

4 - How a front roll touch the wall? It's hanging out, not toward the wall.

You wipe until you don't see nothing on the paper, then just take a new one and wet that and wipe yo ass, otherwise there are probably poo flakes and stank still left on your ass

Of course you flush TP. Wtf, you live on like a houseboat or something where you can't be filling up the tank with all that TP?

Avatar image for Reuwsaat


1- Why tho

2- Washlets don't even exist here lmao, I had to google for that

3- That could work, if only then didn't know how to open the door by jumping/hanging on the handle!

4- When you pull it up it'll touch the wall

LOL no, you put it on a bin with a plastic bag, and then you take the bag out when it's full and put it with the rest of the trash, flushing the toilet paper will screw up the pipes some day and man, when that happens, it's a real piece of shit.

Avatar image for girlusocrazy

@Reuwsaat: 1 - So you don't unravel the roll when you tear some off. No matter which way you hang it, you have to do this when the roll gets small and any tug down will just unravel it more anyway

2 - Yes they do, check amazon or home depot which carries the TOTO and Brondell brand. Been here for years.



3 - Get a circle knob not a handle/bar knob

4 - You pull sideways

Your bin TP thing seems like it would stink worse than my kid's diaper pail

Avatar image for Reuwsaat


2- Not in Brazil* BTW damn, a spray of water right on the netherlands? That must be awkward AF

3- Hate circle knobs, and the cats would find a way around it; They can't find a treat on the floor with a neon arrow pointing to it, but when it comes to slip into the bathroom with you and make eye contact, they'll find a way.

4- Nope, I pull it forward

The trash bin doesn't even smell, the TP has some stuff that reduces smell and the bin has a lid

Avatar image for Aldarish

@girlusocrazy: I've never heard of people getting up and waddling over to the sink just to wipe their ass.

Avatar image for girlusocrazy

@Aldarish: I guess you know a whole mess of people who waddle around with itchy asses all day. Use your roommate's mouth rinsing cup as a dipping bowl, problem solved.

Or just get a washlet.

Avatar image for deactivated-5a50575ec5600

@girlusocrazy: Lmao that is a classic infographic.

What's next, the age-old battle of wiping your ass vs not wiping?

Eating vs starving to death in a ditch?