Splatoon 2's Next Splatfest Announced

Mayo or ketchup?

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Fans got their first taste of Splatoon 2's Splatfest competitions in last weekend's World Premiere demo, which pitted Team Ice Cream against Team Cake in a battle for dessert supremacy. Today, Nintendo announced when the next Splatfest will take place, and this one is also revolves around food.

On Twitter, the company revealed that the next Splatoon 2 Splatfest in Europe and North America will be about your condiment of choice: mayo or ketchup? According to the tweet, the Splatfest will take place the first weekend of August, though Nintendo hasn't revealed any more details about the event just yet.

Splatfests are a returning feature from the first Splatoon. The events are held regularly and ask players to pick a side on a divisive topic and earn points for their team. While Splatfests typically occur on the same day around the globe, the theme occasionally varies by region. This was the case for the World Premiere demo; while players in the US and Europe had to side with either cake or ice cream, Japanese players were asked to choose between rock and pop music.

Splatoon 2 released exclusively for Nintendo Switch today. The game was very well-received by critics; GameSpot's Kallie Plagge awarded the game 8/10 in our review and said, "At first glance, Splatoon 2 seems very similar to the first game. But all the small changes, and even the bigger ones in single player and League Battles, make for a fresh take on the already unique shooter. If you played a lot of the original, the sequel has enough to keep you coming back, and if you're new to the game, it's a fantastic place to jump in."

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