Splatoon 2's Next Free DLC Weapon Arrives Tonight, Adds New Special

The Bubble Blower debuts tonight.

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Nintendo is continuing its weekly rollout of Splatoon 2 content. The game's next free DLC weapon arrives later today, and it comes with a brand-new special in tow.

Starting tonight, players will be able to purchase the Forge Splattershot Pro from the Ammo Knights shop. Like the recent string of DLC items, the Forge Splattershot Pro is a returning weapon from the first Splatoon. It's a high-powered shooter, but it burns through your ink supply quickly.

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The Forge Splattershot Pro comes with Suction Bombs as its sub-weapon. Most notable, however, is its special: the Bubble Blower, a brand-new ability in Splatoon 2. Once activated, players can create up to three large bubbles that will explode when shot with your team's ink.

The Forge Splattershot Pro will roll out just ahead of Splatoon 2's next Splatfest. The competition kicks off tonight at 9 PM PT/12 AM ET and, as before, runs for a full 24 hours. This Splatfest asks players which superpower they'd rather have: flight or invisibility.

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